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  1. First time on TIF in a while... just had to log in and post on this thread. I always loved the Rate This! and OT forums. Edit: Haha - I remember not wanting to change my signature when a mod changed it.
  2. Check the signature. First time on tip.it in a bit though.
  3. I saw Seeking a Friend for the End of the World last night. It was pretty good but definitely not a comedy as I thought it was heavily portrayed as in commercials on TV. More of a dramedy, with emphasis on the drama. But still, enjoyed it a lot. However, I had smoked a bit of the hippy lettuce before so it definitely threw me off as I was expecting a comedy. It also had an awesome soundtrack and awesome cast in regards to the more minor characters.
  4. I got about 5 one bursts with the Type 95 in a row today. Mind you, they were all running at me in a straight line so it wasn't too hard.
  5. JeremyM


    The only time I have even come close to drinking alone is if I'm drinking while playing Xbox Live before going out. But, I'll be playing against my roommates who are in their rooms on the floor above me.
  6. JeremyM

    Live Concerts

    I saw the band "Real Estate" last night. They were AMAZING live, sounded exactly the same as on record. The doors opened at 9 and they got on at 11:45. It was awesome because the opening bands who I had never heard of were extremely entertaining and I enjoyed them a lot. Made the whole concert that much better. Also, it was a cool place - the venue was Lee's Palace in Toronto. My buddies and I were there by 9 and scored some awesome seats - right in the centre and less than 20 feet away from the stage! Also, the bassist of the opening band was standing in front of me for a while and kept looking at me (she was a cutie). Didn't end up going to talk to her though as I have a girlfriend anyway. Kind of wish I at least said something though. Oh well :)
  7. JeremyM


    SO HAPPY! For my stats class there were two mid terms, three assignments, and a final. The teacher said if you get a higher mark on the final than both of your midterms then only the final will count. First midterm I got a 68 and the average was a 67. Second midterm I got a 49 and the average was a 54. On the final I managed to get an 84 and the average was 66. Finished the class with an 85 (got a 98, 94, and 85 on the three assignments). Woo!
  8. A giant punched Lydia into space. It was so funny.
  9. Just walk into any cave or dungeon. I don't see why you wouldn't want a quest though, you get money and other stuff. Also some people will train you in certain skillsafter you do a quest for them which can level you up faster. Thanks. And mainly just because sometimes I just want to get into some fights without walking all the way to the quest :P Any advice with the other question (edited it in after you answered :P) Edit: Nevermind found her at the dining table!
  10. Random question but where can I go to level up and fight a bunch of monsters without quests? Is there dungeons/caves around that I can randomly find? I'm level 12 btw. Also, how do I get Lydia to follow me? I did the Dragon Rising quest a while ago but she never became my companion? Ugh, such a noob at this game :oops:
  11. Thanks guys I'll switch to a longsword or something! And yeah, I always use the healing spell - works wonders :P
  12. Got the game today. I suck. The quest where you need to get the dragonstone and bring it back to the guy who works for the guy at Whiterun or whatever took me like 2 and a half hours! I kept getting killed by the things that come out of the wall and yeah. I'm pretty sure I just need some better armor/weaponry. I'm a Nord, any tips? So far I've been using 2-handed weapons. I found some iron and used it and now my iron warhammer is "fine"?. Doesn't seem like it's improved much though. What can I do to get some good weapons fast, if possible?
  13. JeremyM


    Family got pretty wasted last night at all these Christmas parties so we had our breakfast around 2:00 and then did presents. Got some fancy new clothes, signed hockey card by Jarome Iginla (funny story), tool set, iPhone case, and gift cards/money. Merry Christmas!
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