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  1. Good article and an interesting topic; it is fun to debate about. It certainly adresses one of the more controversial issues of runescape which makes it all the more fun to read. Your article is almost 100% biased towards the "liberal" side of the wildy where people can do anything that is legal in terms of the runescape rules (run, safe, tele). It isn't neccesarily a bad thing; but your article would be better if you would include why the honor system exists (to make sure people get kills at low level wildy) or how people strive to enforce it / keep people following it (calling anybody who doesn't abide by the "rules" a nerd). I have a few thoughts of my own that I want to share to you that I have collected as a high level pure about the honor system. Let's start out with the definition of honor system. The honor system is a series of rules created and followed by mainly pures that enhance the percentage of somebody dying in a fair fight and thus making one of the most fun things in runescape profitable. Usually the honor system as we know it is used by pkers who pk in big world edgeville, who almost always use melee and are almost always pure. An important aspect of the honor system that sort of contradicts its purpose is that people are allowed to run (interestingly people are not allowed to tele which is essentially a form of running). But why is running, contradictory to the honor system's purpose, allowed in the honor system? Part of the answer is location and part of the answer has to do with price of certain pk items. Let's start with location. Edgeville is an easy place to run from which makes the honor code convenient for people who pk there. Pking in edgeville is all about main wep / dds with varying armors usually rune or monk robes depending on the pure type. It is 9 times out of 10 the dragon dagger special that kills people in edgeville. Price plays a role in this allowance of running in that supplies for pking in edgeville are cheap compared to the armors worn and weapons wielded. Even though people are allowed to run and waste 20k or so a trip; it is still profitable for the persons with the most skill who get the expensive gear with lucky dragon dagger hits thus holding true to the point of the honor system, profit. What a long-winded definition that was! The honor system does not exist anywhere else in the wildy where the stakes are higher than in edgeville because it is no longer needed in order for kills to be made. That doesn't mean that people will constantly pray against each other (mainly because they want to speed up the outcome of the fight, havethe potential for an easy knock out, and make sure people won't run out of "deep low level wildy" like dragons due to the unfairness created by farcasting, safing, etc.). People bring runes to the wildy wildy and different mage armors to gain advantages over other players. This advantage is not wasted in deeper wildy like it is in edgeville because of the fact that to get away from deep wildy is hard unlike edgeville. Many pkers will find themselves stuck somwhere between honor and no honor. A pure like me fights with honor at edgeville because of its location. While at green dragons or mage bank it is about getting the kill without endangering your stuff to a degree where you will loose it; your opponent doesn't have any "pking rights", that is control as to how the battle will go. Your opponent can't just run away and call you a noob. Your opponent can die and then call you a noob at higher wildies. I don't want to show myself as arrogant in referencing the person in the following sentence, but I want to use a well-known "honorable" in all areas pure. I recently killed i spiili i at green dragons by cheating him and have no 99 stats. Now if i were to fight him at edge I don't think i would have gotten the kill.
  2. On the swift-switch irc network there are a few pc-channels with said combat requirement. The only channel that I have in my memory is #pest with a 100 cb or 180 att and str level requirement.
  3. Willows are certainly the fastest xp; however they are certainly not the most profitable. It may even be hard to sell large amounts of willow (100k+) that is required for 99 woodcutting. If you are using a rune axe I would suggest you just stick with the willows (despite the several drawbacks that exist in getting them); but if you are using a d axe I would go for the yews.
  4. My outfit... which i have all of but expensive stuff.. phat, fury, ring Head: White Party Hat Ammy: Fury Cape: Fire Cape Top: Ghost Top Bottom: Ghost Bottom Gloves: Mith Gloves Boots: Climbing Boots/Mage boots Ring: Berserker Ring Shield: Zammy Book Weapon: Whip
  5. what's the point of playing a board game inside of a game with action? board games aren't very apealing considering the rest of runescape
  6. al kharid warriors.. the wildy itself is a great training spot
  7. bronze arrows are in your terms the most efficient... i mean it hits what 1 less than iron arrows and are half as expensive as iron? But what arrow type you choose really depends on where you're trying to go and how much cash you have available. Another alternative to pure arrow training would be just to go to a pc world and zeal it with bronze arrows which is both cheap and fast xp.
  8. I was just curious as to if i could join a pc group (with my current stats below) and instructions on how to join that pc group. attk - 60 str - 83 def - 2 pray - 31 hp - 69 cb - 67
  9. I was just wondering if luring is a bannable offense.
  10. phata yes nice attempt to flame me.. but when you do the minigame you still fire on accurate/rapid but you are actually firing longrange which is why i get def. Well ty for the advice as well.
  11. By "owns" do you mean doesn't die or get kills? Still pissed about that minigame (shouldn't they give a warning about long range i mean they say just attack a target) Jagex has started the all out war on pures.
  12. Imperial you're just an [wagon], also probably one of those wannabe pmods who report everybody they can and scream, "REPORTED" all the time. Imperial, if somebody asks you creapy questions (where do you live, name,telephone) all that stuff please report, but if its just age... come on seriously. they are just trying to be friendly. If you stop reporting people for that than I take back what i stated above.
  13. I'm a member now right and i thought it would be cool to train some range at the archery guild. :wall: I didn't know the stupid minigame where you have to aim at targets will give you def xp so now i have 4 def w00t!... I feel like making a new account, is this neccesary and if not what should i do? Can steel pures still own like iron pures? Oh ya stats... 40 attack 58 str 71 range 70 mage 4 def 1 pray **Doing desert treasure as you are reading this very post**
  14. My favorite name ever was 4un35c4p3, it was funny because he was 125 and his name was spelled leetly.
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