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  1. well.. gm what would you call them when they look like "dragon" :) but i think the ones after that are better.. and might be worth it more Ok then I'll call the strongest one 'barrows' gloves cause the colour is like the barrows sets :wink: (and they are stronger than dragon like barrows even if they dont decay)
  2. Once and for all... they are NOT dragon gloves, they are only GLOVES with different colurs!!
  3. u need to use a zombie gregree and go down the temple, theres a hole in the wall. combat? *points to sig*
  4. for the hints refer to the main topic (Cinnamon come grinding dramen branch)
  5. Here they are: all single quest xp pics, all Boss monsters at the end and last gloves stats... Monsters: This is hard, lowers ALL stats with a spell several times, bringrestore potions This one is like Dagannoth mother, changes colour and is weak to different attack depending on the colour Last Gloves: Thats all
  6. Anyone has an idea on how to prepare the ingredients for the monkey part? I have all, I even did a Zombie gregree... what now?????-
  7. Anyone done the goblins yet? What is the orange that isnt an orange?
  8. hmm.. as I know, only kill the monster... no idea about farming
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