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  1. which would you suggest as being more effective?
  2. I have 2 similar accounts, one that I quit a while back because it was hacked. Anyways, Stats: Attack: 40 Strength: 60 Constitution: 60ish Ranged: 60ish Pure 1: Has 1 defence, 1 prayer, combat 47 Pure 2: Has 40 defence, 31 prayer, combat 59 Which is the better option to use if I go to p2p? I think the prayer makes the second one bad, but I wouldnt really know since I don't pk much on p2p. Which would be more effective on f2p?
  3. more people due tend to sell them a few months after christmas ends, so that MIGHT be an ideal time. otherwise, yeah they continue to increase in value over time
  4. these stats: atk:60ish str:70ish def:65 range: 85 magic:75 prayer:56 hp:79 and no previous attempts or backround knowledge on how to do this. of course i will be looking for guides, but do u think it is worth going for yet? i am about to get p2p and want to try this because fire capes used to be cool when i used to play rs. :\
  5. You are an idiot if you think the other stats are irrelevant, atleast get a respectable attack and defence level before you go all out on strength Hey genius, I said any OTHER cb stats, so the stats that haven't been listed. And if you're here to critisize me just pm me ingame and we can do all the talking you want. The question is still out there to be answered, although I am trying the other suggestions atm
  6. it sounds like superheating is the best option? ok thank you
  7. Whats the quickest way from 75 to 85 magic in f2p? And could u plz include the loss/gain from it and exp/hour? Any help would be beneficial, but i would like as much as possible. :thumbsup:
  8. Im looking for the fastest way to train in f2p with these stats: 63 atack 70 str 65 def 55 prayer this is for str training, so i dont think any other cb stats are relevant, but where can i get the most exp per hour with these stats?
  9. Well first off, were both on teh same boat, but i did my research :smile: the new PvP worlds can have bounty worlds, where u get a target like bounty hunter (whihc i believe u got a chance to see) and u have a chane to get ur opponents drops. To get decent drops u and ur oopponent must be risking 26k worth of equipment, money, or anything else. Low level f2p pkers have 1 def generally and can have high str and range. it can reach to at most like 20 above their cb lvl i believe...at around like lvl 70ish how low lvl f2p pker? ill assume 40ish, so at that point u should have 40 atack and 40-50+ str, u can have range to 60ish, and magic can be at 59, although it stinks at this point in f2p
  10. I would like to know what you think the most effective cost effective mage training is in f2p, ALTHOUGH speed is prefered over cost effectivenessin some cases. I thought i would try crumble undead because of the damage on undeads, but i dont know a good spot to use it. Any suggestions for this or any other ideas? edit: Okay, a small detail completely forgotten by me, sorry, I have 1 defence and sos doesnt work for me because the 4th floor safe spots always stink for me. are there any other options?
  11. I think the extra cb lvl is worth it for the prayer, espessily if ur burning through prayer pots...the difference is a few seconds more without having to pot, which can add up and make a huge difference
  12. Please try to be specific...will i or will i not get a new target immediately?
  13. In PvP bounty worlds, Do you get a new target immediately when u log in to another pvp world if u already had one? for example: i have a target named BOB in world 1, and then i log out, and log into world 2...will i be assigned a new target immediately? or will my potential reset?
  14. "I'm waiting for that special someone.... :wink: " ...if it works I'll be the most shocked :blink:
  15. After being shut down on my last post i realized i need to pk with a pure. but before i messed up that account as well, how should i build the stats? i would like to keep 1 defence and prayer and stay in the first bounty crater...here are my stats as of right now, plz dont critisize unless it can help this account. Also should i make this a p2p pker? or would that be a waste of my time/money? atk: 30 str: 53(getting up) def:1 range: 56 Mage:42 Hp: 51 Prayer: 1 ****Really? 20 views and not even a comment? Please leave some feedback
  16. yeah this is how i would do it if i had patience
  17. okay ty, that actually is legit advice, because this mean i can just work on one of my pures...ty for being honest
  18. I'm coming back from a drought of runescape and would like some advice on how i should pk when i become a member. here are my combat stats: Combat level: 85 Atk: 63 Str: 70 Def: 65 Hp: 78 Range: 85 Mage: 75 Prayer: 55 Any advice on where to pk, how to pk, and when to pk ( :blink: if applicable) is appreciated! I have about 500k to work with, and im not really patient, so making money isnt the best route..although if i have to...
  19. NO means NO! or just say your friends list is full of close friends...
  20. Makes sence to me, so I guess there is really nothing I can do to "prepare" is there?
  21. I quit runescape for about a year, and now that I've come back I would like to rejoin p2p, but i have about 500k cash and virutally none of my p2p items. I have decent combat skills, and i can easily kill any monster on f2p, if that helps. I dont have "amazing" stats for any non-combat skills... How can i best prepare for p2p within the next couple of days ?(please dont suggest just waiting until i get p2p or anything of that sort. Its complicated) Thank You and all help is appreciated.
  22. try restarting ur comp or something...im not very tech-ish but it has happened to me and that seemed to work
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