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  1. Hey, Goodluck with your goals add me ingame sometime- electro skel. thanks
  2. i dont know what to do... I tried on firefox and internet explorer. I press it and the window disappears it doesnt even give an explanation :cry:
  3. I dont undertstand this i downloaded a new java and now it wont load:( edit: this has never happened before do i need to tell anything else?
  4. well my other char electro skel was getting boring, so today squigtime convinced me to make my 1 yr old pure mem.i did quests with squig at night just now, and stroke a bit of luck at a drop party when this happend ^squigtime with flowers X D stats are 52 atk 57 str 1 def 1 prayer 62 mage 43 range im gona start to skill with this cash or get range up, i know its not much to rate but this drop was very special to me now, because i was so excited if i was to get the whip and as soon as 0 came i clicked a bashed a ballon as hit the floor pretty much.
  5. hey, i think i mgiht come back after about 7 months break. all my stuff plunged spo i only have like 8m when i logged in yesterday, im gona try to get mems but its hard- too long of a story then we can barrow together like we said we would gl wiht99 fish --ele
  6. The doctor found out my mom had cancer, she had surgery seemed good ok, she came home.Few weeks later while iwas at school she told my dad she wasnt feeling good, she collapsed and my dad cought her, and rushd her to hospital. turned out i think the doctor f'ed up so she ended up bleeding into her stomach was 1 of the worst feelings of my life, and then seeing your mom in intensive care looking like she is going to die is scarey, shes ok now, but im sure its painful for alot of people to watch people with cancer die, or get sick
  7. im very happy about this update, it seems as though last december and november rs took a turn for the worst( for pkers and stakers) Now its turning back these new updates actually seem worth it to come back to runescape for and imight reminds me of rs classic? plus the only downside of the pvp is that som1s gona wait at edge of bank and get ready to blitz darkbow/dds spec run back in,i also think after u kill someone in pvp u should have like 180seconds to bank or you could cancel it whenever you would like so you wouldnt have pjers roaming.
  8. 8/10 9/10 for cash gl making more : ot:what did they change, cliff i remebr u in your dragon and red mask X D cliff we added each other when u got 99 prayer did u del me? could u re add me thanks nice outfit
  9. Hey Saru, Nice clue, gl with your new job hope we can do some barrows sometime. remeber----->Saraman<----ROFL gl with goals pm me if you ever need anything
  10. You sound like a really great player. 10/10 I hope u come back to members. Goodluck irl And f2p
  11. woot il finally have my dream maybe jc4me will lend me his ags to try w00000t
  12. nice i wana get 99 str myself :shock: . GL in future
  13. 7/10 doing good fire cape isnt tht hard now though i know how u feel i lost about 50m myself in 1 sitting of dieng an wasting.. now icant make it back
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