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  1. hmm, looks like one of the alliance wars. I think that was back in the day when we just had some massive massive massive battles between teh alliance and anyone that would try it.
  2. After pixels became easy to obtain, no one really cared about clan names. Like someone said, Back in teh day when rune cost WAY more than it does now, people would add other clan memebrs and if they logged same world its "OHH CRUD ZF IS HERE!" or "GLADZ RUN!" Soon after that though, it became "gladz only has 60 people, and exer has 35, so, lets take out exer instead of gladz :-P" Now its just like "what, they have 300 opts, we have 150? lets go! MASS RETURN ALL!" Btw, Its really cool when people know your clan through you as a person. certain names would let you know what clan was where. Just a small list Pally(paladinwinz) Supa (super vegetable, err vegeta :-P) Dimi (dimitrix) Lucca (lucca13) Swifty (swiftymcvae) I dont think he was really "IN" a clan ... but his name was pretty popular back a while ago) Jerico(jerico) Wow man there were a whole bunch of others. I wish i could remember........
  3. Ladies and gentleman. I would like you to look at our new generation of RS2 character. This person, like most other "noobs" probably will spend 1/3 of their time on the game begging you for goods/services, or, pretending to be a female, and offering to be your GF, just for a little money, and presents. This character believes that the Game "Runescape" was most likely released in the last 2 months, since, due to the fact they are the Greatest, most knowing player of the game, and they have only been playing it for 2 months, that it can't be much older. These players will often make assumptions on, well, anything, because being such a young player (very possibly an EBAY buy, or an autoed player) they have no recolection of how the game was made, and how it works, or anything for that matter. Dealing with these players should, most importantly, involve the "Block" or "mute" button (both on the forum, and in the game) That concludes todays lecture, I look forward to another one shortly.
  4. my bad about BK everyone.. I couldnt remember their history, I knew they were in 2001, and i knew they were before TMRD, but i couldnt remember when....... Sabres the BK Gladz Jagz TMRD 6 oldest still surviving never shut down clans.. after that it gets hazy, because all the other clans from RSC haev shut down and restarted....
  5. jags founded in july 2001 The Gladiatorz Clan was formed in February of 2001 Blacknights, I was pretty certain form august? or september 2001? i dont remember... but i was 99% positive they are younger than gladz, and 78 5% positive they are younger than jagz
  6. Wlel there is alot of controversy 1 was sabres, they were the first, and (although many agree they shut down at one point, by becomign SOO inactive) they will fight for it forever (the evidence of their closure is logn gone from many wipes f the tip.it archives) 2 The, formed in cyberwars 3 Gladz 4 Jagz 5 BK 6 TMRD That is the ACUTAL list, of RS clans, that are the oldest, and have NEVER shutdown (cept the disupute about the sabres) Actually, I think I mgiht have switched BK and jagz.. But, those are the 6 oldest current clans.
  7. Theres a problem in your logic, because we can do both. This time we were just so outnumbered that if we were to stand a chance we had to return. I don't really care if he doesn't have an ammy on, the 5 or 10k doesn't matter to me because i won't even pick them up unless i'm starting to run out of them As has been said before, DI gets a bad wrap, because some (NOT ALL) of its members, are really childish, and will play on things like that. they will complain that 1 person didnt have an ammy, and that they are soo much better because they can afford more or whatever.. Not all DI, however, a majority that post seem to have this attitude...
  8. yes, but i mean, when your prancing aroudn on p2p, and get called to go pk, and you have your drag ammy on (and then tp to edge) and you get there, you usually forget you have it on... cuz if you are 99% of the time on p2p, you always have oen with you right>
  9. there are many times I would come of of p2p and deposit my drag ammy, and forget a ruby or diamond before I went back out.. I am so used to always having a drag on me that half the time I either left it on, or took it off and forgot to put another on..... I love how it is dishonourable to fight with no ammy, yet it is perfectly honourable to use your wealth to win. There is a big diffrence between "We can fight and win" and "we just return over and over and over again until we win"
  10. BTW im in DI and this is not a flame at all but just consider this. Most of DI are flat 99's in melee and have been for months, they can't improve in stat wise. Now the clans with large amounts of members that were a few months ago level 105 are now taking advantage of RS2 training and AFK at bandits and now these clans flourish as they are gaining higher lvls. If you kinda get what I mean, most of DI just have to sit around for everybody else to catch up. not to be mean or anything. but before i quit playing 6 months ago, thats all I ever saw DI doing. every world there were 2-3 di afking somewhere in the p2p wildy, and then 10 or so randomly pking, so that when someone got afk pked, they would avenge them. Di just afked first.
  11. ahh yes, thank you. thats what i thought it was and that is what it is. I talked with the admin there, and he said that it was disabeled. lol. SO after spendign liek 45 minutes trying to figure it out.. lol. what a waste. TY though mate
  12. For a diffrent forum, I am trying to use a tag with a redirect. I know the html for it, it is simple however, the forum doesnt allow HTML and it makes me mad. I have seen tag ones done before (i am pretty sure) so any help would be appreciated. is it [*url=web-url][*img]img-url[*/img][*/url] *'s removed
  13. time to be diffrent and actually do part 2. community. clans with the greatest community. 1: 'the'/TF.. these guys always seem to know everyone, and have a great understanding of what is going on. 2: trwf.. very nice, flame free clan, doesnt dink around and act like jerks. 3:jags.. Never heard a jag flame, and they always have that "hey, so what, your pixels are better than mine, do i care? they are pixels" attitude. 4: TB, I have to say you guys did a pretty good job fighting us the other day, you all stuck together pretty well, and died with honor, a tad bit of flaming but oh well, deal with it. 5:gladz: About half the gladz that i know are awesome ppl, they will always fight for a friend, always be nice and respectful. However, there are a few that i have my eye on :x Can't really rate the community of any of the other clans, because, well, I dont like inserting that whole {intelligence break} thing in the middle, because it would go from respectful, to clans that if jagex banned people for swearing and being racist, well, theyre wouldnt be clans there. ANd of course, there are a few that i just dont know about with a good community :P
  14. Why is Jagz #7 when they declined war with RR and lost to CoR? Also, Tmrd is rank 10.. I'm sure Mk or Anarchy or RR could beat em, if not CoR mk would be a good fight. however i know we crushed anarchy in a funwar thin and im pretty sure we beat rr in one too ( i might be thinkign of one of the other clans we fought in funwars...) cor.. I thought they were dead a long time ago. I havent seen them in almsot 6 months
  15. lol metlarock, I just wanted to point somethign out.. i found it humerous.. so you came to film eh? then why did u die and loose 2 sets? did u skull?(and pick up a set) or were u such a smart filmer that you dropped all your rune for 2 sets??? I jsut find humor in it
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