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  1. Wow I don't get this skill at all. I'll play through dungeons for several hours for a couple hundred xp... In other news, theres over 200,000 people playing right now!
  2. Man... I still can't buy a phat in the ge :wall:
  3. How do you stay there that long? Care to post your set up? My gear is the same as this guide expect I use ring of wealth. However in my invo I bring a sara godsword, 1 super att, 1 super str, 1 brew, 12 super restores, an extra wolpertinger pouch, home teleport, and the rest is pinapple pizzas. A pouch is summoned and super set is sipped at the bank before running to them. I prefer to last as long as I can and see how many charms I can gather in that time. ;) Note: I used piety only when they were all agressive or when I speced with sgs.
  4. What he said^ Some examples of successful trips: This guide has changed the way I get charms now. Thank You Cantristenon :thumbsup:
  5. Nice guide and idea :thumbup: I'd like to see a vid of this though :
  6. Anyone know of a video card... that is cheap and will run rs hd at least minimum-medium graphics very smoothly? I got Radeon xpress 200 series (integrated graphics) that will barely run hd on all minimum settings. Oh, and I have a PCI express x16 slot. Thanks :)
  7. Turbo is back... to pking! Vid #2 is: 100% Pking In Edgeville Bounty Hunter With Armadyl Godsword & Vengeance. I also used camtasia recording and editing (keep in mind im new to camtasia before making judgements about editing) for improved quality! Links The New. VID #2 YouTube (HIGH QUALITY) - The Old. (BUT STILL GOOD!) VID #1 YouTube - KOBE
  8. Hmm... purple, yellow, green, and red dropped by 1m...
  9. I keep hearing about mobilizing armies and I know nothing about it #-o I took a break from rs for about 2 months and I think it was first mentioned then, but I can't find the bts for it. So, can someone please tell me everything known about mobilizing armies? ;)
  10. 84300zxTURBO Pk Vid #1 History 84300zxturbo was created 4 years ago. A noob so nooby that he couldn't figure out the easter event for a rubber chicken :( Turbo started off with skills because he was never much of a pker. One day Turbo joined a clan called RsRebellion. It only had around 35 members, but everyone had a good time playing together. When the clan died off, Turbo looked for another. He then later joined Divine Forces where he developed some pk skills. Now he presents you with his first Pk Vid. Stats Links FileFront - http://files.filefront.com/84300zxturbo ... einfo.html[/url] YouTube - [/url] Thanks for looking and please give my vid a chance! Post Pl0x! P.S. If you don't like my kind of music, TURN IT OFF ;)
  11. A skill that I never really trained; it just came naturally! 80 Magic Failure 85 Magic Level Up 90 Magic 99 Magic! \ In other news... Slowly getting 138... ;)
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