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  1. Super prayer pots are good for things like killing frost dragons or soloing arma or if you just want to camp somewhere turmoiling for a bit longer time. About special restores, no really point to make them for boss crashes. Just get ingredients that you can put in your yak and make them when needed so they won't waste your active inventory space. And truth is, if you do serious boss soloing and/or nex or Cb with small teams you can never have enough overloads. It'll be pure annoyance to make them once you are 99 already (unless you enjoy fast xp after that too..)
  2. You shoot a bit under 250 shots with your 10/10 bow and then switch for bow with less charges for a few shots to let it degrade instead. Then you switch back to 10/10 to continue with full power. Disadvantage of this is that you have to somehow measure your shots either using timer after expirementing how long it takes for you to shoot like 240 shots or simply by counting. It's easy to mess up in the long run though and then you'll get annoyed for using 9/10 bow instead of 10/10.
  3. 990 + 400 = 1490? Made it on purpose! For real!
  4. Healing aura description from KB: " Heals up to 15% of your life points" Does this mean that while you are wearing full set of new armour boosting your lifepoints to 1490 you also get 223 lifepoints per unicorn scroll used instead of what it normally gives?
  5. I haven't personally tried Nex yet but in general terms of boss killing with teams it's enough if 1 person uses leeches and rest use rigour against boss. Although in case this leecher (in positive meaning) dies it'd probably be good to have another player on curses as well. About weapon.. Most likely the new Zaryte bow is designed to work wonders here but of course it'll take a long while before everyone doing nex has it. (Remember how long it took for Bandos teams to require AGS or even Godsword for people to join teams). But before it.. I'd say hand cannon. Shields don't seem to do wonders there what I have seen in videos and if i wasn't completely wrong the range of hand cannon is pretty useful. Requires quite high fm level to be trustable enough, though.
  6. If he slays a lot he should NOT use it, dragon defender is best in all slayer scenarios except wyverns ;-) Exactly, if he slays a lot it's the only scenario he can be fighting wyverns where he needs it ;) well not need but to use it somewhere where it's useful. Edit. Noticed that made no sense so i try again: Yes he uses dragon defender everywhere else when slaying but also wants to do those occasional wyvern tasks as efficiently as possible and gets it for that purpose only. If he wouldn't slay a lot there wouldn't be this need to buy it.
  7. Which in turn means that this is not as good money making method as it was when this guide was released, still very good though. Just that people who don't cannon will steal some dragons from you when you are cannoning. I liked personally using elite void with deflector and barrows gloves when meleeing them with cannon, didn't really get much more hit by their meleeattack. I'd recommend it in case you have them already :) Just because it'll give you longer trips with more offensive potential. Prayer bonuses: Elite void: +8, bandos chest and tassets and neitiznot helm: +5 (+8 if using verac's skirt instead)
  8. Oversized picture sorry i know but don't mind it :P My second solo hilt ever, previous was from zammy too.
  9. Recently a friend who didn't know I play RS tried to get me to try out wow for some discount price. Well I told him that one mmorpg is enough for me and he asked what mmorpg i play then. After i answered Runescape his response was "you are not serious, are you?", "wouldn't it be time to alread upgrade for something better?", "it's just some grindfest what i have tried", "it has so [cabbage]ty graphics too", "has it any content even?", "i like the teamwork aspect in wow". Strictly speaking he couldn't understand why in the heck i was playing RS instead of something more shiny and better game :P I have to admit I have never even tried any other mmorpg. But if i'm happy with rs and already used so much time with it why would i change? All i'd get would be same [cabbage] with different cover (and frustration to start all over so to speak). While RS to him was clearly a baby of mmorpgs to me it's the king of the mmorpgs :)
  10. People will complain as always before getting used to it but this feels a nice future update to me :)
  11. I'm happy with proselyte top and legs on most tasks. Unless i need magic defence in which case i wear karil's. Always turmoiling tasks, which imo makes them both more efficient and more fun.
  12. Sorry haven't tried cavefish. I's not much different but of course safespotting is a bit different.
  13. I died around 6 times when didn't know you can use familiars (being on prayers without curses too). I used ranging tactic with rubies, brews for healing. At best I got him redbarred (at his berserker state). So i wouldn't say it's impossible but will most likely take a lot of tries. I didn't use any spec weapons (BGS, AGS, D claws, SWH, Darklight etc.), though. And didn't dodge 75 attack either. And didn't know tactic of detecting the right nomad after he multiplies himself.
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