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  1. Arceus put the news on main page of tip.it so the problem was not only the forum or subforum TIF is an old community perhaps too old, there are more people leaving compared to new members Less people more adblockers (65% of our users use adblock from last poll: https://www.tip.it/runescape/polls/view/310-do-you-use-ad-blocking-software-on-tipit ) = advertising yield is down to 65% after a year. Good luck to us :(
  2. The first contest of tip.it is over with no winners. Maybe the banners were only a few, maybe there are too many ad blockers running, maybe there was too many distracted people or maybe I made some mistakes. Anyway you still have the opportunity to help the project of some of the founders of tip.it helping tip.it too. The board game of Vampires "Bite Nite" is now on Kickstarter. There are still early birds pledge for faster
  3. Hi all, I'm Daigon. Probably you don't know me, but I'm one of the oldest members of tip.it. Silverion and I decided to start tip.it website (he was the mind and I was only a simply assistant taking care of financial part). This is the reason why my member title in the tip.it forum is "Advertisements Admin". In the past 2 years Silverion and I cooperated for the creation of a new tabletop game and now we are ready to start the campaign on Kickstarter's website. Now I'm here to announce a contest for all TIP.IT members : Find the Name. You have to find the name and the Facebook page of this game. Then you have to send me only one (!) private message indicating the URL of the Facebook page and, if you'll put a like on our Facebook page, send me the name you used to put that like. If the Kickstarter campaign will be successful we'll give a free copy of the game to the first five people that sent me that message (duplicate accounts are not allowed). If you will not be one of the lucky five you'll have the opportunity to have the game because we'll extract other 5 free copies of the game between the people who put “like” on FB. We have already some “likes” on that page (thanks to our beta testers) but they don't take part to this contest. Actually there is no way to find the name of the game, the only help is to find the clues in the advertising banners in our site. So if you have an Ad blocker enabled please disable it (to disable adblock see the help at http://www.wikihow.com/Disable-Adblock). Starting from now we'll show only a few banners every day in our site linking to the site game (not Facebook page). As you see that adv banner click on it, find the official Facebook page of the game and press “like”. Please don't put the name of the game or any other reference to this game in the forum otherwise you'll be excluded from the contest. At the end of the contest, before the starting of the Kickstarter campaign, we'll publish the names of the winners and the name of the game. If you'll not win the contest you'll have the opportunity to help tip.it. during the Kickstarter campaign, so save the following date: January 28, 2017 and if you'll be fast enough you'll buy the game using the “Early bird” pledge buying the game at lower cost. So you'll not only have the opportunity to help tip.it but also to add a great game in your board game collection (I hope you have it :P) .. and I assure you will not regret. Thanks all Daigon
  4. Banned the last one too, thank You
  5. From April 23 we started (again) with Google AdSense. This advertiser show many gold sellers so we are monitoring tip.it to ban those ads asap. Thanks all for your cooperation and for your patience. The domain guy4game.com ... banned!
  6. Sorry for the delay but I tryed to block selectively that annoying banner with no result. I definitively blocked the domain hp.com from showing ads so I hope that all those banners will disappear. Thanks all
  7. I tryed to block that kind of banner at the beginning of April, I blocked the more intrusive banner category, but now I see that it was not enough. Today I blocked the hp.com domain, so Tribal Fusion will not display those banners anymore. I didn't find fortifymyapp in any advertiser, but I hope that blocking hp will resolve this problem. Thank You all
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