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  1. yeah 2 times here eat hearty for tonight we definatly dine in hell
  2. All you people trying to prove something saying omg get a life you should play whenever you feel like it, wheres the hurting in playing when you are bored? you can't do anything wrong with your life because youll always know when you are doing something that has a negative impact on your body or your whole social thing anyway you'll learn a lesson, have fun playing rs and then you die really... play whenever you want to play it's all good aslong as you feel good about it, if you don't feel good about it because people are spamming you up with 'omg get a life' then your problem isnt RS then you are just too insecure
  3. A prime example of stupidity. Now if you are american I take that back cuz then it would be 'normal'.
  4. lol I was thinking the same thing.
  5. http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=966 scroll down a bit, I got all parts xcept the plate so I cant get a 'full' pic.
  6. No I'm sorry it looks good but it wasn't what I was looking for.
  7. ok this is what im looking for: me in full saradomin armour + kite, matching cape and a rune hatchet some shady figures wearing cloth saying 'free stuff plz!!!1' and 'I just died plz' holding their hands up to me wanting me to give em some free stuff. If I like the outcome ill pay 200k
  8. looking good but it looks a bit glassy could you try to 'fix' that? also like posted before I'd like the blade to be a rune one.
  9. u got some issues. OBVIOUSLY I was just posting to say 'yay 75 woodcutting!' which you so kindly ignored ;) you meany!
  10. ok this is what im looking for: - a theme clearly indicating the theme: woodcutting - nice display of woodcutting lvl, combat lvl and ranging lvl - non regular text ;) maybe combine the text with a small image. - NON ABSTRACT BACKGROUND IMAGE - NO LANDSCAPE THINGIES :evil: - size 300*100 - maybe some animation? but NO text-moving animations, glow effects the lot of filters the rest is up to the sig makers of these boards, if you want to enter please leave a post here and ill pick a winner after a while
  11. ah well ;) I didnt know u werent looking for the reg text look heres my other try: i tried making the text a non reg one but still I didnt get it as non-reg-i-fied as this: I envy you ;) what tutorial shows u how to make such text? yay 75 woodcutting!
  12. can't do nothing with '5/10' do you have a reason for ur rating?
  13. I see you are using a new sig, if that's the one u chose plz inform me and monkeychris since u started this topic and we are waiting for u to choose a siggie.
  14. ??? max = 300 * 150 then u can make two 300 * 75 images with a total <30kb... if u do 150 * 50* u can have six with a total of <30kb and u can go for the fourandahalfthousand with 1pixel images with ofcourse a total of <30kb isnt it more logical for total surface to count???
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