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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. I've played since late 2001 early 2002, went through about four accounts since then.. Been using wynk since 2006, he was my bank pure from around 2002-2005. Almost 9 years of RuneScape.. wow.
  4. is so gangster.

  5. Gf. Wish we would have pulled more, thought we were going to hang in there for the first half, until I got ko'd, not once.. or twice, but three times in like 10 minutes.
  6. Divine Knights Dangerous Business & Australian Army
  7. What would you do for a klondike bar? Klondike bar.. mmm. Would you want more pvp clans? Absolutley What would you do to encourage cwa clans to do more pvp? PvP is more of a rush, you're risking something so naturally you're going to be more alert, playing at your best. Also, there's more room to expand as a PvP clan, for the most part PvP clans are fairly dominant in CWA as well.. Except some clans.. *cough*.. emm! Yus!
  8. It amazes me how TNC can always find excuses. Your troll is what amazes me. How so? Over 90% of this topic is about how dumb you guys made yourself look, a nice apology would be more expected rather than a list of excuses. After this, I'll go ahead and drop it.. because you're obviously not thinking outside of what you see infront of you. I apologized to T0 in their IRC before we even fought, we didn't make them cut because it wouldn't be fair for them to have to cut 20 people and risk losing after our catastrophic pull, TNC owes no apology to anyone except T0. On topic, in the future I'll be sure and post the right mass times :rolleyes:
  9. It amazes me how TNC can always find excuses. Your troll is what amazes me.
  10. So, after reading that topic.. It kinda makes me laugh. Your screenshots are really ridiculous, I told you not to cut because I actually felt extremely bad with our pull. We definitely expected more, which leads to your next screenshot.. which would be me laughing in IRC because I posted the wrong time for the fight on our forums. Basically, the reason we didn't pull more than what we did. Of course we didn't take it serious if we only pulled 7 people, we gave you the win because a 7v7 wouldn't be too fair for the other 20 members of T0 that got cut, if I'm wrong, please correct me. Smokey went into single, yes, not that I agree with it.. but the rules had no boundaries! :) Again, don't particularly agree with what he did, but didn't break any rules. Nevertheless, sorry for the pull.
  11. Seems like there's a lot of heat between the two clans, congrats on your win. Looking forward to more fights between you two.. hopefully not so much fansite drama though and more in game action :D
  12. Personally I think the update was useless and rather annoying, I don't think it will do much to the gameplay except have a mild, bothersome affect for a while
  13. Hello! I'm Wynkster and I'm here on behalf of The Neggas Clan (TNC). I'd just like to introduce our clan to all of you, most of you know who we are, others don't.. So let me tell you a little about us TNC is an active PvP warring clan, we're sitting right around 50 members, and we eat a lot. As a clan we enjoy going out on long walks, holding hands (of course!) and touching everything we can get our hands on. :P On a serious note, TNC is a very laid back clan that's new to tip it, we've been around over five years, and are looking forward to five more! Our forums are located at z14.invisionfree.com/the_neggas, feel free to drop by and post an intro there if you'd like. We've got a friendly public board open to members of all clans. Hopefully we'll be sticking around tip it for a while, looking forward to good times! A link to our recruitment topic is here http://forum.tip.it/topic/259567-the-neggas-clan/ feel free to read about us there.. has a lot more detailed information than I've posted here :P Thanks for reading!
  14. Was fun, sniped, bound, died. Fun times, fun times. For what it's worth, we had 2 or 3 dc's this fight too. Obviously your TS, or lack of, hindered you in this fight.. but there should be more fights in the future where you'll have the opportunity to redeem yourself. GF.
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