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  1. Don't even know you, but 99 farming is my favorite cape. Very nice job :thumbsup:
  2. Yes I do. You're the sexiest GOP player i've ever met. <3:
  3. Didn't know that! Thanks for the update! I'll be sure to keep that in mind! UPDATE: 60 Range (50 hp shortly after but no screenie) and 53 cbt!
  4. I plan on obtaining 70+ range, 45 atk, 60+ str and getting 45 dung before turning p2p. Added :shades:
  5. :thumbup: (no i don't use chocolate cakes, it was part of the loot :P)
  6. Hey there TIF. I'm back and ready to start scaping again, after a year and a half break. Although, most of you know me as Blackarch2, I won't be playing on that account and I will continue my scaping days until I attend college in late September. About Me [hide]My name is Andrew and I am 18 years old. I'm Italian and wear the flag with pride. I live in Grove City, Ohio and have been here all my life. I've been playing trumpet for 6, going on 7, years and this September, I will be attending the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music to pursue a dual degree in Music Education and Jazz Studies. I love all kinds of music and I love to make friends.[/hide] OK! Let's go! No Defence K is an account I made back in '07 and I wanted to go for 99 def-99 range with 1 attack and strength. When I came back to Runescape I decided that I wanted to just go for the maxed range/mage tank and didn't care about attack and strength levels. Starting Stats [hide][/hide] Goals (start/current/short term/long term) [hide] <<Range>> 56/60/70/99 <<Magic>> 40/41/70/99 <<Defence>> 40/40/70/99 <<Prayer>> 12/12/44/?? <<Attack>> 30/30/45/74 <<Strength>> 33/50/70/73[/hide] Bank [hide][/hide] Milestones [hide][/hide] I only "Target Hunt" when I pk and I will only post 100k+ kills. 100k+ PKs [hide] [/hide] My Private Chat is on 99% of the time so add me! (I only have 25 friends on my list right now! :-?)
  7. Good to see created from scratch. Add my range tank if you want (No Defence K), we can scape together. :ohnoes:
  8. Quit and came back. My friend mentioned it, logged on to see what was up. Nice welcome back present eh? lol :thumbup:
  9. Camping till 99 hp for my first 99 <3: (as for the pm, my buddy told me I was stupid for camping, so I felt bragging rights were in order :) )
  10. Building up EP and ready for a fight. :thumbup: loving it
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