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  1. I was not insulting your ability to accomplish your goals, and your insulting mine which is funny :P Seeing as how you know nothing about me...but yes i think you are botting because 100 zeal's per day is unrealistic for a human...EVERY DAY <---not sure how to highlight that so you can understand o.o.... But i would be careful jagex PERMANENTLY bans botters now. and if you are not botting you must be playing 12 hours or more a day LOL. GF.
  2. Be careful getting to much attack/strength o.o in members a lot of the quests give you attack and strength xp. And you don't want to go over 149 combined attack and strength. I think its something like 220k strength xp and im not to sure about the attack xp but i know its a little lower ^^.
  3. I support, do you plan on becoming member? reaching alot of these goals will be extremely hard on a f2p account o.o Anywho, add me im a starting zerker. RSN: Cruel arctic. Ill be on some time tommarow
  4. I honestly think you are boting because 100 zeals in one day is redic....And your doing it almost everyday? hah. If you played RS that much i don't think it would be healthy. I hope Jagex GF's you XD
  5. I hate the ep/dp system. I pk because i don't like waiting...i want some excitement @[email protected] Then you go and add a very large waiting time for targ/good ep? Jagex fails. But yea, when i pk i usually don't wait for ep i cant stand it.
  6. Id use it more often if i didn't distract me lol. Id probably end up forgetting to eat or something stupid :P
  7. im not sure if your trolling or what o.o....But check your spelling please??
  8. sounds a bit weird but everytime i get a kill in bh or pvp i bank the bones ^^ not sure why, but it seems like a good idea. Edit: And oh yea, i have about 1100 castle wars tickets O.O....
  9. Hp gets my vote! something useful.... o.o Hp cape is beautiful.
  10. Nope...not one yet. I will be getting an rapier when ever i get the time o.O....would like a maul to go with it tbh but that's a lot of dung.
  11. 100 zeal gain in a day n 1/2!! o.o how much are you playing a day ><? ....but very nice :P
  12. geting to level 34 shouldnt take two weeks :/ But gl! have fun :P
  13. Ok, will do :) im getting off for tonight, not sure how much ill play tomorrow. I need to get back focused on combat, but i need a bit of cash to make everything go smother :/ Good night tip.it :D
  14. Kk XD Ill be sure to get some pictures. Nothing special yet ill warn you >.> was gonna wait until i had a good bank or stats for that :/ Doing some crafting and making $$$ right now :)
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