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  1. Grats on the axe and owning more people at Dk's :D Gl on fishing =]
  2. That banned [bleep]ing pwns! Wow. Love the blog, hawtest one on here imo, sorry if i offended any1 (Honestly, i dont care) Gl on your skilling goals, should get your total up nicely :)
  3. Unlucky with the dk trips mate :evil: but nice ranger set :D Good luck with other dk trips you have to get something soon :wall:
  4. YOU ARE HAWT! And own at Dk's Grats on umm... owning (and zerker and 85 mage) Blog still looks hawt :) Mmm Hawtness
  5. Wwooooo so close 99! :D :D and you have a hawt blog :o big boy.. lmao
  6. Thanks mate! OH YEAH! STILL 160 ODD POTS TO GO! A very hawt item, to go with a very hawt person Gl with the rest of barrows :D
  7. Wooo grats the uber collage Rofl you make me laugh!
  8. Whey! Good luck with 99 hunter, its a nice one and the cash... *druels* By the way YOU LIKE CORNED BEEF
  9. Congrats on the gloves.. hawt blog too :D you pwnz0r
  10. Hawt blog, you also have good stylez :D and gl with your goals you will get there... eventually :XD:
  11. Gl mate, after rcing (long time) i will probably go back to fishing =] 8-)
  12. w00t i knew you'd love rc in the end :P anyway gl on whatever lvl that HUUUGE pile of ess will get you :shock: and your blog still looks hawt
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