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  1. I somewhat agree with this. OSRS is very fun, as it's a blast from the past for most players of RS. I've been playing RS since classic so getting on for 12 years now, I know this may sound strange but I actually haven't logged in to EoC since 07 was released. I think that people will be loyal to OSRS but there will always be a threat of it collapsing - it just depends on how many people stick to it!
  2. My method uses 2 prayer doses max per run. Karil > Ahrim > Dharok > Guthan > Torag > Verac (Kill in tunnel using safe spots and ladder spots) Never use over 2 doses of p pot - saves a lot of cash!
  3. i mean hello

  4. Just a little thread to reel in the complements. Haha joke. Would like to thank my real life friend NINE XI for coming alone, didn't want to do anything special. PICTURE: Rate/Hate etc etc, Thanks :)
  5. Very nice. Could raise dung a bit considering your average level is about 75. 9/10 :)
  6. I go to the same school as Skully so i don't know either
  7. Thanks guys, going back to old Tip.It account called 'W00tpecker' so ill post this + my blog on that. Jim, cheers everyone!
  8. Yo! Rate/Hate :):) Stats At Start Of This Year: Current: Start off with the good old quests: Levels: Bank:
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