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  1. Hey death! looks like I am back! lol! Nice one on the 99 cape! cheak my blog again soon mate! :)
  2. Jesus its bin ages!!!! hahah! due to a mix of family problems, an exploding computer, exams for A level and alot of sex ( :P ) i have not been playing runescape that much (as you may of guessed) But there is some IRL good news... I HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED INTO MY TOP UNIVERSITY TO DO MY COMPUTER GAMES DESIGN DEGREE!! as you may of guessed I am Happy! Now on to RS, i am gonna be getting my summoning up to high levels (due to wanting a Dragon as a pet \ ) So wish me luck! :P
  3. erm can we please try and not get off toopic here people, i doubt runescape wil introduce red bull to the game : ta for posting tho! :thumbsup:
  4. fhew! long break there, and photoshack doesn't like me anymore! lol so no pics for a while! well! I am back! :thumbsup:
  5. Thank you for the feedback but i have discussed the rewards with many people and we all agreed they are fine as the monsters while not having a high level they are very fast and you cannot use prayer against them, so the reward is balanced by the mosnters, as for colours mabye, i like the idea but it would be better if i could see what you ment! Thanks for posting! : More support peeps!
  6. I have lost count the number of times i have said this! THESE WINGS DO NOT MAKE YOU FLY!! They are simply there to look good! also thanks for the support! : keep it up!
  7. Thanks for the support! and for keeping this thread alive! more support ppl! :
  8. i did try using paint! lol they were bad tho! ta for your pics and yes that is the basic idea of the wings (the folded ones i mean) Thanks! anybody else wanna have a try! all ideas welcome! :
  9. hey yet another plea! lol keep the thread alive and comment people!! You will get a cookie! :
  10. hmmm i don't think so sorry :( come people keep this alive! :
  11. hello! another plea! please if anybody can help with pictures please pm me of place here! don't let this topic die! :
  12. Nice idea! well planned out and fantastic pictures! 100% support! :
  13. thx for the support! :thumbsup: I right now I need ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâã5 to become a member agin! lmao! : be on soon! \
  14. i would keep it for a while and then i would sell it and buy 3rd age mage gear and get me construction lv and prayer lv up! OMG SOME1 GIVE ME A PHAT! woah, n00b moment there :wall:
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