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  1. Me and two friends went tonight. Started off a little rough. We kept having Rex spawn on us. We altered strategy and had two people start on prime after Rex was weakened to give us more time for Sup. After that things were working out quite well. As a team we got two archer ring drops (seeing the price of them shocked me though. had no idea they were down to 6--k), and after we had one guy leave (accidentally teled to trollheim), we duo maged, then I solo maged. Thanks for the guide. Was very useful in planning our trip.
  2. Do you usually use anti+ or anti++ btw?
  3. Wouldn't buying bananas from the Port Khazard charter ship be best (using the deposit box)?
  4. I've soloed Zilyana alot in the past. However, I just very recently acquired an SGS. Would you recommend using the SGS for solo trips, or just for team trips?
  5. You should determine at what gp/hour you should use a certain type of log. E.g. use maple logs if you make 100k/hour, use willows if you make 10k/hour (random figures there).
  6. You don't always need +9. In certain summoning levels (e.g. between X and Y) you need Z more levels to exchange. RS KB: (P is pouch level) P--Summoning Level Required to Trade 11 21 21 30 31 39 41 48 51 57 61 66 71 75 81 84 91 92 99 99 http://www.runescape.com/c=3364d3d5/kba ... cle_id=594
  7. I don't get what's wrong. Is that the wrong information or something?
  8. Though, as the article said, random numbers can be sufficiently generated for a minigame.
  9. Never do werewolf. Either camp at wildy until 70, or do brimhaven, then switch to Ape Atoll at 70 and don't look back until 89. The werewolf course and the wilderness course are fairly similar. Generally, I would say that the wilderness course is a better bet, but that depends quite a bit on how level-headed you can be and your stats (e.g. a skill pure doesn't want to be in level 50+ wilderness). Similarly, I know people who are downright terrified of revenants. If revenants are going to discourage you from training, you're better off doing the werewolf course. What is most important is which course you like better. You're going to be more attentive and will not mind training for longer periods of time if you like the course.
  10. It would be easier to just copy+paste a sara brew or restore over the summoning potion.
  11. Yes. This quest appears to be tied to the sightings of an uninhibited Varrock from the Gorak's plane.
  12. The holy wrench thing definitely needs to be in there. Good guide otherwise.
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