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  1. I think a reason his questions were so personal, is because the questions were for the JMODs, not JAGEX. These Jmods dont necessarily know everything about Runescape, nor the company's plans for the future. They asked him questions relating to how he FEELS about certain aspects of the game and such. In response, he asked questions about their FEELINGS towards various aspects of the game, fictional or not. For that reason I think it was right for him to ask these questions - Even without content revealing questions with a basic "can't tell you that" answer, other sorts of question people have been suggesting instead are very corporate. He is asking the employees of Jagex their personal opinion, not the all knowing Jagex their policy on various game additions. Edit: Proof to prove my point -
  2. Logged on to reply =P Yes people do still play. I reinstalled it few weeks ago, always tons of full servers. Pretty unforgiving game at first though, when most people still playing are really good. Especially with a laptop mouse =S Have fun, its still a brilliant game. Patches are huge though (for game patches in that era) I would download them before you buy the game so you can start straight away.
  3. I hardly ever make a rant about Jagex, frankly I think that they have been doing a great job up till now. It does bother me though that now more than ever they have adopted a "If it doesnt work first time, change it" mentality. This is shown more than ever in their latest Dev Diary. The lying down animation caused graphical bugs. Solution: Remove it. Dont work hard in order to fix it, and so be more knowledgable about these types of bugs in the future, no remove it. Dont remodel it to a different version of lying down instead, make it sitting down as a replacement - What a great, dull, bland and boring action to watch my character perform! Anyway, it seems like this is Jagex all over in recent times, many of their updates have had serious flaws and now they seem to always resort to the simpler option. I am glad Jagex are working hard for the gaming community, but sometimes issues such as the one above - promoting their own slovenliness - bother me. What do you guys think, are Jagex doing a great job or have they confirmed the belief that they work around hard problems. (No Flaming please, and its a discussion point not a rant) Edit: I guess it is a rant I suppose, I apologise.
  4. Right then, you asked for more examples so ill give you one instead of just flaming you! :D A while ago I was training on my tet null (lol), and a level 60 came into the Stronghold of Securtiy. I was about level 20, and he started walking around killing all the monsters and stealing my kills. He kept calling me a noob constantly while doing so. What I did was log onto my main in my full members armour and quest cape then followed him taunting him with "noob" for about 20 minutes. I felt reaally good! lolololololololol Really? NO! I stayed silent the entire time, and simply kept on attacking monsters until he got bored after a minute or two. Alternatively I would have switched worlds if he had not left. That is the difference you see from being an immature little child and a mature person. I knew perfectly well how much I was better at him at Runescape in every single possible way, bragging about it on a long drawn out ego trip does not impress ANYBODY! If you do not want to be seen as a "noob" do not act like one. Being "noobish" is nothing to do with how long you have played, your gear or your precious rubber chicken. It is about your attitude, im not surprised you have random blue people following you calling you noob when you are probably fighting low levels using magic wearing full rune armour. (Your attitude suggests you are that type of person to me.) Relevant Biblical Quote! (I think) And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. Matthew 6:5-6 Know you are better in secret! :thumbsup:
  5. Thank YOU for reading it! \ (And for the nice comment)
  6. Sorry, thought I stated enough times I wouldnt be updating it. Ill put it in big bold letters at the start i guess, seems my beautiful work will not die! (Dont know whether to be happy or sad) :thumbup: :thumbdown: :ohnoes:
  7. He is using Fire Bolt - He didnt even pay 5 dollars... As for the discussion... or lack of it, this topic has come up many times with different opinions on the matter, but overall most people agree that f2p maging is underpowered compared to melee and range. (This will probably get locked or left to rot =P) Edit: Been moved to rants so no lock I guess.
  8. Does that really matter? As it is, if you are p2p you can wear and operate skillcapes in f2p anyway. All the update does is give f2pers who havent bought membership the chance to buy and use them. I dont see why there needs to be a way of distinguishing, although I do admit an extra trim for those who have NEVER bought membership would be well deserved. (No extra bonuses though)
  9. I am really happy with the songs RS has as it is. Over the years me and my friend have found some great songs that we like, and we share new ones with each other if we find we like one. My favourite (sort of oldie) song is probably Mutant Medley, even though lots of the new ones are much better with atmosphere thanks to the upgrade in technology. The Root of the Problem/All Evil are also fantastic tunes. As for upgrading, im not sure if the cost to Jagex would benefit them in the long run, considering recording and then having only half the population bother to download them. I think it would be nice though to have an optional music pack to download if we want, maybe a few hundred megabyte in size or even larger! Then we could tick a box in game to request the music files directly from our PC instead of the applet, if they did upgrade I would enjoy that method of implementation. (sp)
  10. I think Zaros=Guthix=Seren=supreme desert god. Powerwise anyway. I dont think of it like that... Probably because Zaros was overthrown, and Seren hasnt really done much we are aware of, I see it: Guthix>Zaros>Seren=Desert God
  11. NOT TRUE TRUE BTW, great guide! :thumbsup: AOW probably!
  12. In my guide, i do: Profit per run = profit per second * 60 = profit per minute * 60 = profit per hour. Time per run
  13. :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: I was soo happy! Now I can finally get all songs unlocked! Just need a sandwich lady event now! (Never thought I'd say that!)
  14. Just a note, a little while ago Jagex reinstated the prices which they nerfed earlier on. This means that raw meat and a lot of other methods will still work! Give them a little time to get back to their original prices though... EDIT. I was wrong - Jagex also increased the store prices to stop all money from being made by opportunists like us... :evil:
  15. Well if forum pics are the current phase.... Title: The Neglected Unicorns (I zoomed out to get the pic, thats why it looks small)
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