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  1. What was the bug? Im not members and hardly get on here. Someone point me to the answer?
  2. I have been gone for 8 months looks like I dropped a lot while I was :(
  3. hehe I forgot to add that Im kinda putting this off..........so close to 99 attack!!! But I will get back to this very very soon.
  4. Im coming for you :) You are in my cross hairs :thumbsup: (its going to be months before I get close but you are next in line of top tip it'ers)
  5. so.... where is myst? :lol: hey noob, go play chess
  6. Let tip.it be the first to hear............ I hit 100m f2p total xp tonight \ \ \
  7. Also looks like they have restricted how much food you can buy. Great job! Brovo! :roll:
  8. I don't like these updates. Why can us Merchants not conduct business?
  9. Yes! Go read my thread it explains everything! Very very cheap about 140-150k for 24 HOURS with blue or green party hat.
  10. Well this has started as me wanting 90 smithing because I like to have even stats, im weird like that. And with 90 coming and going with the overwhelming response my Party Hat service was still going strong and pushed me to 91. So Whats the next goal after that? 99!!! 91/99 I missed 90 due to a random :wall: And a huge Thank you to everyone who has used my phat service, especially 3rkid who is addicted.
  11. I may have lured him with the promise of a phat :ohnoes:
  12. You can buy gold amulets all day for 210, they alch for 210.........
  13. Also do you get 100% xp as normal or 50%? thanks
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