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Anyone Remember Me?


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Hi guys, I used to murder the runescape back in the day, im talking bout 2-3 years ago.




My main's name is Qsbillabong, i was around when the SODB was created ( original member )




I just recently got back into this game, problem though is that ive been hacked and i have nothing at all lol. anyone trying to help me out a lil bit to get back on my feet?




hopefully some old friends.

"Ive always tried to kill the greatest man alive, but then I finally realize that suicide is not the answer"



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I don't know you, but looking at your post count and joining date makes me think you were indeed a Runescape player in the past.




Firstly this is considered spam ... sorry but this isn't the right place to put this topic. First I would go to the sticky in General Discussion which says leaving or coming back to tipit forums after a break. Write that you are joining back etc. Then for questions, you can put them individually up or all at once on your topic. Some answers can be answered without asking on the help and advice forum. You can look at player made guides for moneymaking and skilling ideas. You could also look for answers on the tip it page.




ps: Welcome back! :D

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