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warped terrorbirds - tips?


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I've gotta fight warped terrorbirds for my slayer assignment (much to my reluctance, im on 43 tasks, I just used 400 points on a slayer helm, and my last 30 on canceling a waterfiend task.. so I'm not burthorping)




so what should I do?




I guess I'm going to melee them wearing:




Slayer helmet


amulet of fury


rune plate


dragon skirt


dragon boots


dragon sq shield




ring of life (i'd rather not take chances)


obsidian cape




and protect from range with a summoning familiar attacking them?




this is the best i've gathered... any tips?

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The one bird room works really well with a bunyip. You can step out into the tortoise room next door and heal. I usually take 3 bunyip pouches and a 4-dose summoning pot to recharge.




I have found that if I am wearing the slayer helm, I can fight these without using prayer.




I also like to take 20 or so nats and 100 fire runes. I high alch the rune and mith stuff on the spot. Most of the rest of the good loot is stackable.




I will be marking them off my list when I get 100 spare points though - I am only in slayer for the charms.

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