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  1. I feel like I'm doing pretty good. Can do most 4k stat voyages now at 100%. Have one of the tier 3 deck items and just did the refitted lodgings. Hopefully will build a workshop tomorrow but might get another deck item instead.
  2. Anyone have a Palmist or a Fireworks Enthusiast? Have both available to me right now..
  3. Is recruiting the Siren Whalerider worth the resources or should I do all of my boat upgrades first? I feel like I should be using that many resources for something else.... but I'm guessing I'll almost need to recruit him if I keep doing skull missions+
  4. I am looking at how to spend some of my loyalty points and I find myself wondering if the Tracker auras are worth buying? I hate hunting. It's tied for my lowest skill. The less time I spend doing it the better.... but I like to hoard my loyalty points in hopes of something better. I have 130k unused and bought the tier 1 tracker aura. 3500 points for a 3% advantage sounds fine. spending another 11,200 to get to 5%?? Any opinions? Are they worth it? Not worth it? I would still have like 55k points after buying all of them, but only get to 10% bonus.
  5. One thing I like about it is you can cut down to only 1 trip there by sharing the task instead of needing to bank
  6. Well starting.. you must know how to make some decent money from thieving given you are 99 now? You don't have much for secondary skills besides fishing (raw monkfish? raw shark?) and a decent woodcutting level (yews, magics). So you should do all of the daily tasks you can.. buying battlestaves, seaweed, pineapples, collecting flax, sand... there's probably a few more i dont know about. Managing your kingdom. How much cash do you have already? I'd suggest flipping/merching if you've got cash already and just need more
  7. I'd go for all 80s first. More attainable obviously. Looks like you don't do much of some skills so it might be a real stretch for you to want to work them to 90. My current goal is 80 for everything.. using every lamp, penguin point, etc i get on rc.. and gonna have to do all the quests so i can get agility xp.. Still looks like its going to be a quite while even though I'm relatively close because i hate training those skills..
  8. I agree, just figure out a way to afford the Zamorakian Spear. It's not that expensive and is great for killing them
  9. KingJD

    GE Limits?

    So do I have this right.. the limit of items you can buy or sell on the GE is EITHER the posted limit or the total amount of items you've bought from the GE recently?
  10. Personally I want to get to at least 83 hunting so that I can catch dragon implings.. or kingly.. i dont know.. but the rewards to get from the implings are well worth advancing your hunter level and catching some of them.
  11. Do the GE Limits still exist? For the numbers of items to can buy/sell within 4 hours? If so.. does anyone have a link to somewhere that has a list of what I need. I've gotten a "little" bit into flipping lately.. so kind of need to know info for myself
  12. I've heard of a couple of people in China die from playing videogames (Starcraft) for like 36 hours straight... just saying.
  13. I was looking at a guide on here for the setup... and i was basing my potions on the picture. I guess I missed out on the range potions... those must have been mage pots.. I figured maybe it was because you ranged with the polypore staff? not really sure.. I have quest cape but cant wear it since ive only got 300qp now... havent done most of the new quests
  14. I'm working on actually beating the fight caves for the first time since I want a fire cape. I tried it loong ago, with melee, and failed. I figure I could probably do it pretty easily with melee given my stats... but I've chosen mage. (is that dumb?) I've got a lot of stuff already... Setup: Polypore Staff Ganodermic Visor Ganodermic Poncho Ganodermic Legs Amulet of Fury Seers Ring Zamorak's Unholy Book Culinromancer's gloves 10 Infinity Boots Ardougne Cape 3 Inventory: Enhanced Excaliber 4 Ranging Potions (4) 15 Saradomin Brews (4) 8 Super Restores (4) I could summon BOB... not sure if I need to or what? Can you guys help me out and give me some suggestions how to play this? Thanks in advance. I've never used Saradomin brews seriously as a healing means.. so I'm kinda new to that.
  15. Farming is your best bet. I would plant the highest level trees you can everywhere and collect that xp. Then do crafting? Or whichevery skill you enjoy doing the least... so agility probably?
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