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New to photoshop


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Hi all!




Since 3 (or 4) days Im photoshopping a bit, and I want some CC.




















I made some more, but cba to post all.




Any tips and suggestions?

- I'm not proud of everything I've done, but I have no regrets


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Actually, for a first try at photoshop these are quite good. Got a great learners vibe about them. When i say that, i mena someone who doesn't just post all there learners stuff on, only the good bits. I did quite the opposite. Good colours in some of them, but I noticed the lack of blending. Try using C4d's or fractals for blending, even some brushes. There really good.




Keep it up, and in no time you will be making them like Nadril! (Well, i'm not too sure, but its an expressions :lol: )

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Some really good first trys here, but the light sources are funny. It looks like you've used some C4D's - looks pretty good with them. If you want to blend in the render to the background, just go around the edges of the render. You need to work on text aswell - I would suggest staying with the simple fonts that already come with your laptop/desktop or whatever.




Some good sigs overall though!








Looking at some tutorials on there really helps, especially for beginners on Photoshop.


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Thanks for the comments!




Ronnie, Im still working on blending, I did look for some tuts and this is the result :P


MrShinyredplanet, Thanks, and I tried a C4D in one (not posted) but I didnt even save it, it was total [bleep].


littleboy, I didnt't used a C4D in any off those. And with 'just go around the edges of the render' you mean with some kind off brush or eraser tool? And about the font, Ill look at it :D

- I'm not proud of everything I've done, but I have no regrets


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They're not bad for first sigs, but like littleboy said the text could use some work. And the colours aren't really exciting, they work well because they're the render's colours but you might want to try something else. Also, using pixelstretches to colour a background (like you did in the third one) is usually a bad idea. I know there are quite a lot of tutorials that advise you to do this, but honestly, it just doesn't work well.




Just keep looking at tutorials and keep practising, these signatures are a good start. :thumbup:


pixel avvy by me deviantART

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