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Help, quit for a few months, just got back.


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I quit for a few months, I'm excited about the new graphic update :thumbsup:




It looks so sweet.




But I've seen ppl talking about no wildy.... What happened to it?




Yes I know it sounds so nooby #-o #-o

Not all F2Pers are beggars or scammers, some are respected members, but these respected people are over-populated by these beggar and scammers.
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well wildy was removed due to rwters so they made bh or should i say bs


summoning was released


thats all thats major

1100 total achieved 03/02/09 880thousandth to reach it :P

1200 total achieved 29/09/11 1.23millionth to reach it :P


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what is rwters and bh or bs? #-o




RWT- real world traders. They were intentionally getting killed in the wilderness in order for a smooth transaction.




Bh- This is bounty hunter, its basically the wilderness put into a box in the middle of the old wilderness. No teaming or anything of the such. And "tele-noobs" have been removed. The wilderness has been full of "revenants" basically a wannabe AI pker who can attack you while you are attacking a monster and can task tele-block as well as freeze you, they become more frequent whenever you go deeper in the wilderness.




BS- bull [cabbage] :thumbsup:

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If you had left for a few months then you would probably have quit after December 10 2007, after the updates. Anyway....just sum up everything for you:




o Free Trading gone, the maximum you can give away is 30k for members, 3k for non-members...


o The Wilderness is gone, replaced with Bounty Hunter and Clan Wars




And to be honest that is really it...

My relaxation method involves a bottle of lotion, beautiful women, and partial nudity. Yes I get massages.



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