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Man I love these pixels..


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Your perspective on the doors and draw - bridge is pretty accurate. However the rug inside looks a little off.


Other than that the anatomy of the man is pretty perfect and the colour scheme is working well.


Thanks to Jopie for this great signature.

99 Slayer|Fishing|Summoning|Hitpoints|Attack|Strength|Defence|Fletching.

Anyone at Manchester University PM me

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Loking really good so far phooey :thumbup: Although in your most recent WIP the Castle Wars (?) portal looks like something off a farming patch :P . Can't wait for the finished version. :D


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Nice work thus so far Phooey! I think the style looks really good and you have the anatomy, and perspective really well done.




One of these days I'm going to force you too make me a pixel :twisted: ....... :lol: That is...If you want.




I think you might want to develop the castle bricks a bit, looking kinda plain and not brick like just flat. Wear away the edges a bit maybe?

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