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Am I good enough?


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My stats








Im getting bored of KBD and am wondering if I could solo Bandos/or any other GWD god, or If I would do eny good aganist mith dragons soloing.




Im also getting kinda gettin boored with the rest of the skills.. give me some ideas on wuts fun while still geting xp.

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So would around 60 prayer be good or do I have to go for 70 =/?




Whatever makes your heart feel good, but I say 70, at least if you want to solo.

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I wouldn't try to solo any gwd yet, maybe look for a team of like 4 or more.




Mith drags are pretty nice, i think the best way to take them out with your stats would be to get a void mace from pc and autocast claws of guthix with charge. Gl on visage/d full



"One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic."

-Joseph Stalin

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Well yes, but you don't bury the bones. You 'use' them on the guilded altar when the two candles are lit for the best exp. It's extremely quick if you use any decent teleports.




Also, 85+ def for soloing, preferably 90+.

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