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Does anyone remember me?


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Man, it's been a long time. I quit almost a year ago now and I came on to see the new update and I realized how much I missed RS and everybody? Is Jesse & Toast still around? But to get to the point I'm F2P and I have no bank room and I was wondering if anyone could hold on to some stuff for me & maybe help me out a bit. Thanks everybody I'm glad to be back. I should be getting Members in about a month.

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Hmm. Well are there any new spots for F2P to fish swords & lobs or is Karamja still the only place?






the wildy since we just got the bh crater in december its now the closest bank to any cage/harpooning spot

1100 total achieved 03/02/09 880thousandth to reach it :P

1200 total achieved 29/09/11 1.23millionth to reach it :P


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