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Trying to recover my old account


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Hey everyone, im trying to recover my old account, jakal62. Im at the screen and i entered all the info i have on the account, but this is what is coming up in the section for extra details. I typed something up and clicked sumbit and this popped up there.








"*The other comments have a maximum length of 300 characters "






Whats this mean?



jakal62.pngGot my old account back!!! :D

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The other comments are just there for more proof of ownership of the account. So just extra details, if you feel you have got your recoveries right, then dont even bother with that section, you will get your account back regardless. If you arent sure include details like aproximately when did you start playing runescape, just stuff like that. I believe that is what you are talking about.

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yea i think thats what it was, because i did it and it worked. Jagex worded that weird.






btw i got my old account back! omg im so happy lol. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: \' \' \'




Congratulations :D I know what the feels like, as I recently got my first account back ;)




Sorry I did not put a reply in sooner, as I have good advice on this.

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