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  1. No for one you will have to bind a grave creeper bow and arrows which is not worth doing especially if you have 2 binds. Your current binds are ideal for your level and experience with dungeoneering. Also just to clarify you should not be maging anything except high level warriors or high level brutes. You should only use your csb to compensate for the few weaknesses your 2h has.
  2. Not if you never expected anything in the first place. :P
  3. 1 month $7.95 3 months $22.50 These are the current prices in Canadian dollars, i believe it should be close to that.
  4. I agree with the first suggestion. Most if not every monster is runescape can be left clicked, I dont quite understand why vyres are different. I dont see the point in toggling off corpses. It's not really that annoying.
  5. Its not worth fretting over cannon accuracy, as depending on your range level cannon accuracy should be quite good. Just maximize strength bonus (prayer bonus wherever applicable) and continue slaying..
  6. I'm doing 45 minute floors at best right now... You are better off with the hood then but by no means should you go hunt for one by solo meds or whatever it is people do. Just remember that after you get more experience dging and finding better teams you will be better off with the plate.
  7. This is what I was looking for. I already had them unlocked so I will probably only use them on waterfiends tasks. Thanks to all that replied.
  8. Are they worth using in the glove slot for Slayer?
  9. I died to the necro twice in the Bilrach saga. I am not quite sure what I am doing wrong...
  10. Summoning pretty much makes sgs obsolete, claws are the better spec weapon. Do you plan on doing slayer to train your skills? If so bandos is a pretty good investment. If you do not plan on using slayer then spend a few hours getting void as it is well worth getting. For range karils is better than dhide, but outside of slayer you would be better off using void as well.
  11. By the way I just noticed that the rocks that fall while fighting Stomp can now be mined. Probably came with the last update but its nice that Stomp isnt as annoying anymore.
  12. Absolutely, you wont miss your hood much after you have your bneck. Telling someone with under 50 dg to kill hood? Wat even is this. Oops thats what I get for skimming through posts.
  13. Absolutely, you wont miss your hood much after you have your bneck.
  14. Sounds like an epic journey, congratulations on making it.
  15. You dont want to go completely broke. I would suggest keeping the cash you have right now.
  16. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Nurmof%27s_Pickaxe_Shop
  17. Get ahrims and sell the staff once you are done the task. Ahrims is going to best affordable magic armour unless you get virtus.
  18. I don't like this but its understandable why they did this. Imagine I had about 400k of item X. If I sell all 400k of item X on the GE, I will have a buy limit of 400k. So essentially I can continue buying 400k of Item X in an instant sell it again for slightly higher than I bought it for. This meant that those who had insane amount of cash could make a lot of money via abusing this mechanic.
  19. Members Loyalty Program: Prove your loyalty to Jagex by giving them your money. =)
  20. then there would be no point to binding anything other than slayer drops. everyone would just craft a set of new armor every reset, then continue as planned for the next reset. Only with full body armor. That'd be ridiculously game breaking. the only difference between that idea and actually giving everyone ~10 binds would be the few minutes spent each reset. Everyone? Everyone has 120 DG? I must have missed that memo. Now, if you meant everyone with 120 DG would just spend a certain amount of time getting level 10 gloves, boots, helm and legs then I think you'd be right. However, it's an effort they'd have to expend each prestige set. This wouldn't be just one guy, but all five guys on the team getting decked out again. I don't know the common appearance level 10 ore/hide/cloth, but I think it'll take more than a few minutes. Even then, with the exception of legs which are likely bound anyway, the boosts are nothing compared to one bound chest armor. Still, I'll bite, what's your solution to allow a reasonable method to use promethium drops such as gloves, boots and helm in the game besides a photo op. The current system works fine, you can spend a few minutes making the armour if you wish to do so or you can spend your time finishing the dungeon.
  21. Yes but I am not sure why you would want to.
  22. Use polypore, bring 3 overload potions (4), 3 renewals and about 10-12 prayer pots. Also bring eee and about 8 brews, you wont end up using any brews until Jad. You now have to lure the healers away from Jad to stop them from healing him. Ahrims should be fine for the caves, switch to Gano for Jad.
  23. Save the blues, use up the rest of your charms. Get a bunyip, bring swallow whole scrolls. You will need a good crush weapon, a zamorakian spear is probably the cheapest option. If you don't have enough, try borrowing one. Use Piety and kill them in ancient cavern, bring good magic defence gear like karils/black dragon hide. Prayer range while the fiend if on you. They have some good drops, I would suggest picking up drops and banking multiple times if necessary. The drops should pay for any expenses like prayer pots and super sets.
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