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  1. When someone new comes into the game they have to learn how to skill efficiently, meaning they'll have to play a lot to know what to and what not to do. You don't just come in automatically knowing what to do. How do you know he ISN'T nolifing? Stfu unless you can back up your statements. Thanks. Nice bank and stats but it's pretty obvious you play too much.
  2. If you're ever tired of breathing just light up some charcoal and smoke some hookah. As for food, I went to a sushi bar a while ago to see if I could order and eat one of everything on the menu. Each item was four rolls of whatever sushi you ordered and I didn't think I'd be able to but I somehow managed to do it and it was so good but I didn't feel like getting up after lol. I also had a contest with a few of my friends to see who could eat a whole spoonful of cinnamon the fastest and well... that was a pretty terrible idea. Not really a food but meh. I also remember a time I went out to eat with a few friends, one not knowing what wasabi was, asked me what it was. I told her it was green tea ice cream and she put the whole ball of it in her mouth and after five seconds she had the most horrifying look on her face, I laughed my [wagon] off while she scraped her tongue trying to get the taste out of her mouth.
  3. That's ridiculous, I would just emancipate myself. My mom understood that high school is supposed to be about having fun and if I had to go to bed at 9:00 every night I would freak out on her. Throughout high school I was never really home much, I'm still only 17 but I moved out. Be more assertive and don't let them treat you like that. I don't know your parents but with the few things you've mentioned about them it doesn't sound like the whole writing a letter about how you feel will do much good. Straight up tell them how you feel and that you're not a little kid anymore. Tell them you want to stay out until 9 or 10 on school nights, stay out on the weekend and be able to talk to your friends when you want. Of course you'll have to negotiate but just tell them that if you're grades start to drop then you lose privileges. Tell them you're looking for a job and volunteer work and doing your best to get into your choice college. Like I said before, be assertive. Most likely if they think they have you under their control then they'll keep intimidating you so it will stay that way.
  4. I know that religion plays a big factor in how some people feel about homosexuality but don't make this whole topic about religion, it's really annoying and pretty much all bull anyways. I don't really care about homosexuality. Nobody is forcing it on me so why should I care what they want to do with their lives.
  5. :lol: Sorry, I just found that funny. While reading this topic i happened to notice your location and I just graduated from Palm Springs High School lol, small world. OT: I have three testicles.
  6. Under normal circumstances, yes. You can refuse anyone service if you want (not on a basis of race, gender, religion ect...). However this is entirely different, since they had his car. It's not the woman's job to count pennies. If he wants his car back then he can walk home and roll them up or come up with some bills then come back. Why not? If I paid her in bills, she'd have to count them AND add them, seeing as I live in America, where there aren't any $88 bills. If your car is towed, it's your duty to come up with the fee, and she is being paid to handle whatever paperwork is entailed AND ensure the payment is the appropriate amount. That's EXACTLY her job, in fact, it's what she's being paid for. This is what I was thinking. Yes, the quantity does seem a bit crazy but do you think she would have accepted it if he paid in something like... 88 $1 coins? bills* Nice attempt to correct him on something that he wasn't even wrong about. Just so you know, there are actually a few different $1 coins. Anyways, if I were the lady I would have just trusted him and taken them to a coin counting machine later. I would rather save hours doing that even if they gave me a few dollars short of the amount due.
  7. Oh wow, rofl. Anyways, there are some ignorant people on tif if you guys think that nobody here ddos's.
  8. Haha, 95-99 is close to five days of continuous playing using zmi, sheesh. :?
  9. You spent half of the video explaining why you're 9hp #-o 4/10, you have like 3 decent stats and the rest are low...
  10. Was that supposed to be clever? Anyways, it's kind of sad to see how people are reacting over this. I use the runescape toolkit app on my itouch and tip it, all I need to be honest so I couldn't care less about this crap. :P
  11. Slaying green dragons and aviansies are good cash, not as good exp. Your stats are pretty low compared to your high combat.
  12. Smoke some salvia, or just hookah.
  13. #-o What is wrong with that? I have a friend named Kay, sounds the same and I never thought anything of it. Anyways, that's a terrible thing to do unless the kid would suffer from it then I can understand why they would take action such as this.
  14. I think it's a little over 50k exp each hammer.
  15. How many ess could I craft in an hour?
  16. OKay well I've just started this minigame and almost every game I get put on a team with one or two other people while the other team has like 6-7 people and can never win lol. I've won like 1 game so far. What am I doing wrong? :?
  17. Yeah, its happened before, usually at armoured zombies.
  18. Eh, i dont agree that its just a status symbol... i didn't buy it to look rich really i just always wanted one since rsc. Well, I wanted a whip since rsc, I post it here, will you give me 10/10? No, because a whip is 1.5M, I don't see the difference between the whip and the partyhat, just because the partyhat costs 132M it deserves a higher rating? So the more expensive, the higher the rating, there we are, back at the wealth. Why are you so against him? Just rate him and leave instead of trying to convince him it's pointless. Anyways 8/10, nice slayer cape as well.
  19. Don't you only get like a 1/4 xp of normal damage dealt though? \ 1/2 but yeah, it is reduced.
  20. [hide=] Is forsakenmage even a decent clanchat. comming from a new[bleep]. i cant take you seriously. You're the "new[bleep]" in this situation considering you joined last month, no wonder you troll so much, it looks like you came from /b/ lol. Also, yes forsakenmage is a good chat, considering people like this aren't tolerated. Although there are a few cmods who don't know how to do their job properly. i joined in 2006 ;) i just made a new account. look up spacheco. so stfu new[bleep]. and fsm is a [cabbage] chat CODGUY FOR [email protected] [/hide] Italian5kamikaze Joined: Fri Jul 29, 2005 9:31 am Geez, how ignorant can you be? The only reason you hate fsm is because you got banned from it. :lol:
  21. Is forsakenmage even a decent clanchat. comming from a new[bleep]. i cant take you seriously. You're the "new[bleep]" in this situation considering you joined last month, no wonder you troll so much, it looks like you came from /b/ lol. Also, yes forsakenmage is a good chat, considering people like this aren't tolerated. Although there are a few cmods who don't know how to do their job properly.
  22. Well, fishing monks is about 30-35k exp an hour and the cash is decent considering you barely have to pay attention but not a good way of making money compared to others. As for teaks...I've been using sc axes there but haven't watched my exp. If you pay attention it's probably 50K+ exp an hour. Bandos should be fine for slayer as long as you have a bunyip, If you're going for 99 summoning via slayer then you'll probably get it around the same time you hit 99 slayer, so if you want to wait that long its up to you.
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