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  1. Falador Mole Strykewyrms Godwars Bosses Godwars Generals Chaos Elemental Corporeal Beast Bork Dagganoth Kings KQ KBD Bronze Dragons Iron Dragons Steel Dragons Mithril Dragons Skeletal Horror Taken directly from a JMod post on the RuneScape Official Forums. Quick find code: 15-16-243-61422572
  2. Here's a spreadsheet taken from the Archive of Wisdom, showing experience, gp costs and efficiency of different things you can farm: http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=tvyX6CDj7qNBx5xIA5ShA-w&output=html Maple Trees aren't that efficient for a low level tree, usually being between -8gp/xp and -9gp/xp Keep farming herbs even if you decide to spend money on doing magic trees, willow trees, or anything in between. They're fast to farm and supply you with a very good, reliable cash flow for you to spend on more expensive methods. Bushes aren't worth the effort IMO, but if you can work them into your daily routine, they're worth planting. Although I'd say checking the health of them and replanting is probably better to do, instead of just picking berries from them. Not sure what else to add in, but do take a look at that spreadsheet, it helps you know what to plant and when. :-) Hope this helps.
  3. You could also mention that these are also a Slayer task from Kuradal, making it extremely effective to train down here on task, which would (I'm just guessing, here.) Make them better xp/hr than things like Armoured Zombies etc. I'm not going to argue about rates etc, but it'd be worth noting that you can take a slayer helmet along on task. :^_^: Overall, very -very- helpful guide, it really shows that the whole "Living Rocks have massive defence" rumour is false, and they're very good training, and pretty fun overall. Thanks for the guide! <3: <3:
  4. I'd suggest taking a look at the guide on the main Tip.It website, it was recently completed updated to fit in with modern strategies. I find the Ancients/Black Salamander method to work perfectly, It can easily do 10+ chests in one inventory without using many prayer potions at all, all the info is on the Tipit guide. ^^;
  5. Okay so I'm doing the Eyes of Glouphrie quest. Anybody that's done this would probably agree that the puzzle bit is mindly frustrating, but seriously. Why wont it tell me what number I need? It doesn't even tell me higher or lower. Do I need to honestly go through numbers 3 to... however high it goes? What is this, seriously. :<
  6. The scroll of life gives you a permanent chance of getting back the seed you planted when harvesting. It was bugged before because the description stated "You have a chance to receive your seed back from a dead patch", but the chance is there whether it dies or survives. I'm very sleep deprived, I think that made sense, but basically, it's not bugged and it's a very good idea to get it if you're going to farm herbs. :)
  7. So I have to defeat all the original champions to face the Human champion, and then to fight the Gnome champion I must kill the newer champions? Maybe for each of the top races (Elves, TzHarr etc.) there will be 3 extra normal ones released to unlock them... Time will tell, I hope they bring them out soon. :^_^: Also, just wanted to say, your Misunderstood Monsters guide is perfect. :) Made Skeletal Wyverns a good task for me and no longer a hated one. <3: Thanks.
  8. This guide is excellent, it's very in-depth, but at the same time very fun to read, no large blocks of text, minimal but as informative as possible, Thank you for taking the time to write it. I'm going to start from scratch in a few days thanks to this guide motivating me to do so, I'm going to get a bone crusher first though ;) all those random bone drops can actually be used then! ^^ You could probably add that in your guide somewhere just as an additional tip... Since killing 5-10k Hill Giants and Jogres etc. would be a waste to leave those bones on the floor, banking them is stupid and burying them takes too much time, it'd be helpful to remind people that taking a bonecrusher would give a nice bit of additional prayer exp. :^_^: I'm definitely going to go for it after reading this guide, I hope Jagex gets those other Champions sorted soon! Also, this probably seems quite daft but can you receive the second batch of the scrolls (Aberrant Spectres, Banshees etc.) Before you defeat the Human Champion? Thanks again! <3: <3:
  9. Alright, So this might seem like a stupid question but I just took a long break and can't remember if this is possible. I know that Cannons and things like that don't work against Kurasks... Turoths etc because you -must- use a Broad weapon or the Slayer Dart spell to damage them in any way, So considering that; Will a combat familiar such as a Fire Titan or something similar be able to deal damage to a Kurask in the Slayer Dungeon below Sumona? If not I'll just take a Bunyip or something. Thanks for reading.
  10. Void Range isn't better than the conventional Black D'hide/Armadyl set up on every safespottable monster like most of you seem to think. Void is alot better on things with low defence/high HP, like Blue Dragons, Black Demons etc, Armadyl is better on things with lots of defence like Black Dragons etc. But overall I'd say it's worth it, it's very nice to have and if you grab a blessed spirit shield you can do most tasks with a bunyip without having to use safespots all the time.
  11. I'm pretty sure using an Unholy Icon (the necklace thing) in place of a Fury and keeping Fire Cape/Defender on is better stats than using an Unholy Book, can't really remember, been months since I last played, but something's telling me I tested it and it's better. xD just mess around with them, you don't really need to pray at all, I'd advise going to the Zamorak Fortress to kill them so you only need one god related item, take decent armour and a few bunyips and you're sorted. ~TAKE ALCHS~ They'll make you alot compared to some alch-y tasks, if you get lucky with the rune halberds and things like that. :) Hope that made sense, I'm so tired.
  12. I don't think so, I think everything is aggressive in the dungeon unless you're wearing a corresponding god item.
  13. You should click the bank just after your hands come down for the second time.
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