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  1. she might as well be a guy you seen her mustache rofl? I don't think you're referring to the right person l0l Oh but i am... Sie Dirne from BV? the right toni with the mustache :) you can /query chris_webby for the pic/story of the pic if u want I AM DONE HERE
  2. she might as well be a guy you seen her mustache rofl?
  3. I wouldn't mind your AR.

  4. woox is a 15 year old kid let him have his fun dont complain plz
  5. jagex is really terrible at detecting bots then lol.... good for them for trying i guess then but theyve missed bout all of them
  6. The post/email mentions that its specifically for 'ibot'.... thats not a known bot company at all so this is more of a scare tactic considering 'ibot' is probably less than 5% of the actual bots being used
  7. dis is why never-warred-before teams dont stand a chance at winning 5b pneck tank dw yeah mazhar's right for once... dont see this team going much further
  8. This is why you train everything to exactly 2x 99 xp :thumbup:
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