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80 Range


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Jagex said that they were going to fix the MM tunnels in the next update. You could wait like a max of 2 days to get it.


Thanks to all those who have messaged me concerning a revamp of my Range-Slayer guide. Because of you all I will start rewriting it asap.[/color]


Formerly RobinHoodie.

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avansies give around 30-35k exp per hr with 300k or so per hr
Is 30-35k an hour average for ranging, because that's really low exp/h. Like what is it at Ogres or Fire Giants or something...[/quote




avansies are for the money




lets say you kill 2 per minute




the 73 and 79


150hp for both


600 exp per minute X60=36000 exp




lets say you have a 1:1 kill/bar ratio




120 kills an hr ,average bar 2.3k (example price)


276k in bars


youll receive probably 100k in alchs in an hr


good amount of airs,waters runes also


some blood,death and chaos?

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Buy your chins now! If you dont already have them. There at the lowest there going to get. If jagex do fix the monkeys the prices will jump right back up.

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I did yaks till 80, only took a few days, wasnt even using void, just d hide and range pots... wasnt too crowded either... using bronze knives.

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