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  1. charge air orbs makes a good profit
  2. I finished the quest already.
  3. I wanted to go train here but it says I can't access it alone. So what will I need to do?
  4. Ill pay someone 50k if they can tele me to waterbirth and open the gate with me. Alll you need is a rune thrownaxe.
  5. mage dhroark melee karil range ahrim mage verac mage guthan mage torag you dont need top of the line equipment for barrows. and remember dont forget your spade..
  6. I got a pie shell. I put compost. I try putting water it won't work. I tried the clay soft or not still won't work. WTF!
  7. If you want I could guide on how to do it ancients/regular/slayer methods.
  8. Doing the in aid Myreque would make it a lot quicker to get to the barrows. Other than that its real easy to do barrows with ancients. Prayer pots and a melee weapon for tunnels. Also you might want to range ahrim and melee karil.
  9. dont fix anything thats not broken those weapons are as many have said 1.gs 2.extremely overpowered
  10. junk your friend gives you give useless stuff that wont sell in the exchange and you buy it from him
  11. how are you going to say kent's guide doesnt help you if you dont go through and read it. Gold Charms:Keep making those Barter toads! Terrorbirds are a choice for the poor, but I would recommend highly against it. Green Charms:Ibis are nice, but when you can switch to making Fruit bats. You can also make Bunyips to use for yourself, they are VERY useful. Crimson Charms:Bloated leech until 64, where you will make Stranger plant. Their secondary's are easy to come by and they're fast xp, as well as cost efficient. Granite lobsters at 74. Blue Charms:Spirit jelly from 55-56, Steel minotaurs from 56-57, Spirit Kyatt/Ghaark from 57-58. If you want money, you can keep making Spirit kyatt/ghaark instead of Karamthuhlu overlords. Mithril minotaurs at 66. Obsidian golems at 73, but don't make adamant minotaurs, they're too expensive. I'll remind you all that saving blue charms will allow you to gain much more xp in the long run. stat sigs press the sig itll lead you to a website copy the bbc code go to user control panel edit profile edit signature and paste
  12. 1.armoured zombies i reccommend only for 80+ stats 2.all the stats and quest required to even start it 3.probably doesnt have a salve ammy
  13. stranger plants>cobra cobra's 2nd is 1k more than stranger plants 2nd viewtopic.php?f=103&t=744156
  14. start slayer to access a few of em green drags/flesh crawlers if not
  15. they are useless only gets about 80k exp from em theres a guide in beginning guides for brawlers got fm brawlers more useless too..though i can get 1.4m exp using magic logs lmao viewtopic.php?f=113&t=780792&start=40
  16. but dag kings better drop rate of stuff than dfh or visage
  17. Player VS Monster pretty funny how they release something and we already have a guide to kill them in less than a week
  18. depends on how long you are gone i was gone quite a while 4 1/2 months and came back it only used up 2.25m coffers out of 7.5m
  19. you will only lose potential if you kill someone you will gain some potential when you die to compensate for your losses but not much
  20. were you risking 75k for the potential and drop? were they risking 25k minimum for drop?
  21. like i really care what you or anyone else thinks
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