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  1. In that entirely entirely hypothetical situation, I'd probably get my mining on.
  2. I don't understand what problem you have with Jagex doing something that might not encourage people to make pure f2p accounts. Jagex don't want pure f2p. I imagine that somewhere at the top, people are thinking , huh, how the hell did this happen where people take pride in not paying? That's not a good business strategy, so we should probably make membership seem appealing in non-intrusive ways (like offering a free trial, that'll be liked) and maybe phasing out some f2p content only pure f2p would really use, like the hiscores.
  3. Chinchompas work beautifully if you've got a bit of cash, even at your level. I got 70 ranged a few days ago doing just that: you don't get as much xp/chin but you still level very, very fast.
  4. If Jagex knew that this would be possible in a few years, would they have made the boss tougher?
  5. I like the UK's welfare system, although I am sure that it could do with some more stringent checks against abuse. Being such a hot topic, I'm sure that will come in time, although there'll be a tipping point where it's more expensive to regulate the system than to have a last few cheating it. Knowing that if I fall on hard times the government can to an extent help me through is a tremendous boon, and I wouldn't want to deny it to anyone lest I one day want it myself.
  6. Can you only have one penguin, ever? If not, couldn't you potentially try to get one of each colour, as you probably wouldn't get many new brown ones, or any, after your first?
  7. It's not dependant on your specs(or rather, in general it is but not these particular problems). It's just a matter of being lucky with hardware incompatibilites or not. You are lucky I guess. I think we really need some sort of "dynamic poll" that can reliably show how many people actually have these problems: as I understand it, fewer and fewer people do and it's turning into a more "unlucky for some" than "lucky for few". I have an ageing computer, so I'm generally hitting 20-25 fps which seems reasonable.
  8. As I understand it, all the game engine team is doing currently (apart from the usual side issues and small things to fix) is trying to stop the fps problems. That's it. No other new content. And as far as I've heard, they have had some success: the amount of players with fps problems is steadily dropping in most fansites. Sucks to be you, but jagex are working on it and there's really very little more they can do. The people who made the squeal of fortune etc are not the same people who can fix your fps, so don't use that as an example of them wasting time before resolving the "real" issue with the game. As for the f2p stuff, well, jagex didn't want you taking pride in not giving them money, so that in my opinion is fair enough. AS for "doubt", I'm currently enjoying the game. Still, if you aren't, then by all means quit. Just don't assume that everyone feels doubtful as well, because I'm happy about what I've done (it's been most enjoyable) and what I'm doing. The game is steadily improving, and I'm having fun while it's doing that, which is how I want things.
  9. Edit'd. In my opinion, the proper care of armour and weapons should require a good smithing level.
  10. Then make it so that you have to buy the materials for repair, such as cursed adamant, enchanted zarosian runite, or chaotic ore from the relevant npcs.
  11. none of those skills will ever be important because RS is not that kind of MMO Fishing, crafting, runecrafting and fletching all all very important to the game as we know it. Take them out and magic would be massively more expensive and difficult to do, same would go for ranging with bolts. Crafting's absence you could wave goodbye to all the useful amulets and rings and a good slice of mage armours. No fishing? say goodbye to like the entire food market. Even msot of the others have a few important roles to play; they only ones on that list that are pretty much entirely useless in relation to other skills is thief and FM Smithing isn't actually useful, because all smithing equipment is essentially sold by shops or comes as a drop from a monster. Things would be more expensive without the skill, but by absolutely no means hard to obtain. Why they didn't make it a requirement to repair the various high level armours and degrable melee equipments that they put in game I have no idea. Those things would have been perfect additions, and charging money wasted so much potential. They did make crafting necessary for repairing certain mage armours, though, which is good. In a sense dungeoneering's initial problem was not that it didn't have a point outside of the skill, but that it's rewards were so high level they put people off. People did not understand how to train the skill effectively and at level 30 level 80 seemed an incredibly long way away. Don't you mean: Dungeoneering Skill Construction skill Magic skill Summoning skill
  12. A year and a half. Wow. To be honest, I sometimes wonder if a worldwide update strategy would work better for runescape than gradual reconstruction. I think I would enjoy a complete graphical refurbishment of a few areas every week as much as typical gameplay content, especially given that much gameplay content I can't play whereas I have unlocked most of the areas in the game. Another thing that also often surprises me is that Jagex is often using graphical updates on their release clients months before we get them: for example, we can see screenshots of the grand tree on the main page now and the new water was available at the time Deadliest Catch was released but has only been implemented recently.
  13. Problem: Smithing is universally underused and not-worth-your-time apart from quest rewards and diaries. Solution: make high level repair items require an appropriate smithing level instead of weird bits of cash, and then bit of metal/material that you can buy or find somewhere. Example: Barrows armour can be repaired for cash. Make it so you have to repair it, perhaps in an unusual way, with level 70 smithing and some materials: probably cursed adamant and cloth, bought from the digging man. Chaotic weapons can be repaired for cash and dungeoneering tokens. Make it so you have to repair it with 80 smithing and some materials: probably a chaotic metal from marmaros which can be bought for coins/tokens. Torva armour can be repaired for cash. Make it so you have to repair it with ancient cloth and metal which can be bought from Ashuelot Reis, requiring 85 smithing. This provides a necessity for the high level to get their smithing up in a way that is consistent with the lore of the game and its structure and also makes perfect sense for the smithing skill as a whole: what else would you level to repair high level armour and weapons, and what npc would be more suited to the task than you, a near master smith?
  14. Because of box staking and rat pits, and arguably conquest too.
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