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  1. Hey, long time no see! If you want to kill corp properly you will need overloads. Other than that welcome back and pm me if you want to mh or something.
  2. First time in 3 years I've seen Alix spelled correctly. Hope you enjoy college, and by that I mean getting annihilated hammered ass drunk on a Tuesday then realizing you have an 8 am exam at about 6 am when your puking your guts out. In all seriousness #aod enjoyed having you around and you will be missed. No homo. !kb Das_captial peace out
  3. 1-26-10 pic Rank pics, and how dominant the Golden Army is on Golden Temple Day 1 Day 3
  4. I don't have explore information cuz i didn't pic but tomorrow i will Also i got a Book from box of bliss, which is 8 hours off of a construction time :thumbsup:
  5. If you want to create a new city on a flatland, you must get a position of senior prefect which is done by beating aspiration 4.... Read the task guide for proof :cool:
  6. 10/10 Gratz dude, I didn't know you still played. 50 spirit trees is pretty awesome, I've only grown 3.
  7. Reserved, won't be serious about this though for another month. Good luck i guess
  8. pro guide, cav lies, chris can't brew [cabbage] irl
  9. cleaned up at barrows today first was double chest then dh helm later was win.... also got karil coif and verac flail... but y pic those
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