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.: Vesuvius27 :. Fishing 82/99

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog.






Vesuvius27 is about 2 years old. I've been playing on him on and off for a few summers. I've got no 99's, no rares. My best skill is Fishing, and I've decided to make that my first level 99 skill.




Currently working on: Fishing and Magic.


I've been fishing monks in Piscatoris. When I get 99, the monkfish I'll have will be worth about 40M. Currently I have 10k monks banked. It'll take about 90k more monks for 99. In the event that I get bored, I'll be taking a break to work on my magic level. I have no set goal for magic, but I figure it shouldn't be too hard to level. Since I'll be starting back at school soon, I'll stay on and monitor the screen while doing my homework.




























[hide=Old Levels]Fishing 80


Fishing 81[/hide]







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I'm back! I take stats for a girls volleyball team, so during their volleyball season I was gone. I couldn't handle school, volleyball, and RS all at once. I underestimated the amount of time AP classes would consume.












I'm already chugging away hard at levels. Not so sure that I will focus on 99 fishing. We'll see. Right now, I'm watching Mission Impossible III (Ugh, why does TV stink so bad?) and fishing at Piscatoris. We'll see how it goes.

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Good luck on 99 fishing.


It's not has difficult as it seems. ::'

7,436th to 99 fishing on July 13, 2008


[hide=Quotes that I lol'd at]

the day the fantastic four come into runescape, i will eat my socks.

what kind of topic is this. ihaven't read it yet

but i now it must be stupid.

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Well, I've got 85 of 169 fire giants left. I took a break to train attack in other manners, mainly fight caves and Pest Control. I had some fun, and I got 75 attack. Went back to my fire giants with a borrowed SGS. SO AWESOME! Still haven't finished, I watched a movie instead.




Also borrowed a friend's Guilded Altar today to get 60 prayer.









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Grats :)


Anyways train your ranged and i"ll train fishing and slayer. :lol:




DO all your clues i"ve made 4m off them.

Thoroughly retired, may still write now and again

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