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  1. Yeah, he hit this on the head. Although when more and more people get high level you do see it, when the capes first came out there was a tremendous spike in those skill grinding. COming back now and just taking a look around it's sort of insane how different skilling, and the goals of skilling are today than they were back in 2010.
  2. EoC is really going to make for a lot of crew work. Good luck to the applicants.
  3. I've moved on from Runescape, and I would agree this is what happens with most updates. I think a lot of is nostalgia for me: I'd play an earlier biuld of Runescape, but not the current one. But it probably isn't entirely rational: a lot is based on the fact I had so much fun with the original and I've sort of constructed in my head what I thought runescape should be like.
  4. Just do starting strength... although you probably did see gains doing that, they'll be so much more with SS.
  5. I may be an absolute naive idiot, but in watching my brother play, and comparing it to when I first starteds playing 7 years ago, I have to say that it has changed for the worse. Although the player base was artificially high due to the botting, I think it's apparent Jagex is having issues maintaining membership issues. At this point it seems as if any member is better than none, and they are catering to the really young crowd. The playerbase now seems to be for the most part a young, naive, annoying as hell group of people. I know there are certainly groups of good people, but overall it's just sort of shitty, from what I can tell. Of course this is not to say that it was ever great.
  6. I love how in the video "an online game called rune escape"
  7. Also stuck in diamond :/ Still, like top 3,000 in nA :)
  8. People rightfully (after asking some friends to look at it) didn't understand my article. I'll see if I c an publish an addendum next week :)
  9. Totally bumping this out of the shadows, but whatever. I actually built this, am using it, am loving it. So awesome :D
  10. I've had a tracfone for the last couple years. It sucks :P I figured it's time to get a real plan, but my parents don't have a plan. It's very expensive to getm y own plan if I want any sort of texting at all. unless if I get on with another family (can I?) what is the best way to be able to keep an affordable plan rate with texting? Also, what phone would you guys recommend/carrier. I live in California.
  11. I'm looking to purchase my first DSLR. List of possibilities: EOS 350D (Rebel XT) EOS 400D (Rebel XTi) EOS 450 (Xsi) EOS 500D ( T1i) 40D 50D Nikon D40 I don't want to spend over like 350 for the body. Where should I look for cameras. Craigslist? Ebay, amazon? Also do you guys own any of these/have any input?
  12. Not trying to be offensive but what lenses are you using. The quality seems OK, but not great, and it seems a bit strange for you to have a 5d mk II.
  13. You know what really bugs me about the climbing boots update? The failure excuses afterwards. Mod MMG (or some mod) tried to justify it by talking about street prices. Heck, even if the street prices WERE 75k, people are spending 75k on climbing boots. Instead, now 75k GP is getting put into the economy. PER BOOTS. Not an exchange, a huge influx of currency. And they don't see this? COUGH tip it times topic COUGH Heck, anybody want to send an econ book to jagex, with a ruler in the 'inflation' section...
  14. Well, after a couple years talking about upgrading from my 2.7ghz Pentum 4 Celeron oven computer, I have done it. :D I have pictures of the assembly which I'll share, and I'll talk about the pitfalls, but for now I'll just post my impressions and the specifications. I finally got this computer for StarCraft 2, and I must say, it's one nice rig Processor AMD Phenom II 955 (3.2ghz OC'd to 3.4ghzX4) RAM (4gb 1667 Ripjaws DDR3) Mobo: MSI 870 G54 GPU: MSI Nvidia geforce 250 1gb (only a 1440*900 monitor, so it's powerful enough) ASUS DVD burner Samsung F3 1tb hd Corsair tx650W PSU (It was on sale, no need for 650W) Antec 300 Illusion Case Cost: $705USD after rebates and tax First Impressions: Although I don't own many newer games, and by the time I assembled it StarCraft 2 was out of beta, I'm very impressed. This computer easily maxes out every single game I have (not saying much) but didn't cost that much. Also, I installed gentoo to learn more about linux, and it's compiling speeds were insane. Also, ironically, the lag I attributed to a poor internet connection in runescape was resolved, even though I'm using the same wireless card. I think the computer was having trouble rendering runescape... Anyways, I'll post back with pictures and more thoughts tomorrow. :D (Oh, and the stupid pitfalls the motherboard put me through)
  15. Sorry, but is the black mask for ranging any good. (and what is it called)
  16. They are a $500 toy.
  17. Grats. If only I had the time, then I could be half as good as you :D
  18. OK. I think it would be used for SC2.
  19. Fail. Which version of WINDOWS 7 should I get?
  20. Mind clarifying turmoil/extremes. Coming back from an uber break, I'm extremely confused.
  21. Shall do. What version of vista should I get/what monitor would be best.
  22. Thanks. It'll end up higher cause of monitor/OS, but so it goes.
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