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  1. Pure ess is best for you... Unfortunately BUT SRSLY FARM FARM FARM FARM farming is like spam in the monty python skit I would like some spam and slayer, some spam and dragons, some spam and ess mining. It's with everything, helps everything, and is easy money. It's really like 1.8 mil/hr at level 52 (although it takes 12 hours to really do like 'an hours worth'.)
  2. Here we go :D Monks are better money at all levels. However if you are stopping at 99 you will make more money with sharks but spend more time. If you are willing to go past 99, then monks are worth it.
  3. Great guide, the youtube stuff got cabbaged up. Still whipping barrows :|
  4. Yay. I'll follow this now. I only have acrobat >.>
  5. Alright guys, posted it before the forum change, and forgot to save it. This is my current build not including the stuff you guys added... http://secure.newegg.com/WishList/PublicWishDetail.aspx?WishListNumber=11056925 You guys added some stuff... A different ASUS video card (I agree) A different PSU (More expensive, not sure) Different RAM (It's faster) Different MOBO (Have no idea why. It's cheaper, but seems lower quality (just looking at numbers Please explain why) And I still need a wireless card. And should I get a cheapish sound card. My onboard sound right now is bad, but I don't have any idea how much better it will be on the new mobo.
  6. My internet hates it. I don't, except for it is taking forever to load.
  7. What's better about the mod tools? Anyways, have fun.
  8. It IS from animal magnetism. It's pretty nice to have.
  9. I am going to get 85 ranged. What are good methods I was thinking of doing aviansies. What would be a good method for this? I need lots of money. What could I do at my levels for money. Best way to train crafting? Decently cheap, but fast way for herblore.
  10. And yes you should go for it. Even a blockhead like me knows that. 8-)
  11. How to flirt... hehe Never asked anyone out never really flirted per say help? Anyways, probably not with her. Was talking... and a large dependence on alcohol came up, unless if idk.. Input? EDIT: Yes, I'm a protected child
  12. Anyone mind helping me with my problem on the previous page >.> Thanks
  13. Erherm, I make my return. Anyways, I'm 15 and a sophomore in highschool. Last year I didn't want a relationship, but now I'm more interested. I know I'm friends with a lot of girls, but not as a girlfriend ;) Anyways, I'm not TERRIBLY popular, mostly because I'm not allowed to do much. (But this got fixed with a counselor long story short) I'm not terrribly well dressed etc, but I'm improving :D Anyways, there is a new girl from georgia. Smart pretty etc. I'm getting to know her, but I'm afraid it will end in friendship yet again :x Not that being friends with her is a bad thing but... She was looking at me rather intensely in english though, sort of looked away when I looked at her... Any advice?
  14. Alright, time to bump this thread again. 1) what to do with 20 penguin poitns 2) what to make for crafting 3) what to make for herb (I'm doing eadgar's ruse atm)
  15. Don't bring anything too valuable, but yes you could go. I've never gone, but with so many people.
  16. Thanks. Any other task I'd try, but I want 70 slay/slayer rings asap.
  17. Woot. 155 kalhpites... EDIT: soldiers here I come
  18. Np chris. Thanks ninane: i'll just skip.
  19. I can get a bit higher than that with the obsidian throwing rings... (forgot about exp rates... D'oh) Anyways, like 33 hours :|
  20. How long would 5k kills take at 79 ranged... and what kind of supplies would i need...
  21. Yeah, a cheap outfit. Also i've heard about ppl ranging them, if anybody knows about that...
  22. Honestly the cows near the cow banking service thing (former gnomecopeters) are the best money for him.
  23. Woohoo, almost have 70 slay/slayer rings. Just got a duradel task, and I got assigned... waterfiends (145 of em :P) I don't want to spend a bunch on equipment... borrowing is ok with me. I have 70 attack 70 str 82 def 79 ranged 60 pray. I don't have karils or a zammy spear. (best crush weapon is verac's flail) I've read guides, but am not sure what to do in my situation. Thanks, Deathmath
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