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  1. My runescape friend had me make a clan website for him. I did it @ 50megs.com It's a pretty good site to pay and not pay. I did the HTML coding. It's the best way to do it. Look up free html coding course on google and you'll get one. It's the best way to make a site but takes a while to learn. The clan (which disbanded shortly after I made the site for him) :wall: website is @ http://runewulfen50megs.com If anyone wants to learn HTML just pm me.
  2. I'm 53.7 years old. I think... It's been a while. Thinking and looking at all these people that are 17 and level 70 I should probably get cracking thinking I'm level 40... :shock:
  3. This is a very insightful piece of writing. All the skill cape hunters tend to go after easy skills. Agility has been very popular. Another trend is that less people are training combat proportionate to the number of people playing. (I think) More commodities are made as people race to try and get these levels. So now it probably would be a good time to train combat. Jagex will probably come out with another update causing everyone to go mad and get that instead. Also interlocked skills *should* even it out. However there will probably be waves of this. At some points more things will be out there than others. Finished items (weapons armour, etc.) will be in larger supply, prices will go down and the cycle will start over again. :-s :?: :?: :?: It's still really confusing though and may go and direction at any time depending on what people decide to do and new updates. This isn't the main problem, and is instead macroers. This is something that I can not predict and will continue as long as jagex lets it. Also I don't like the "Whitemarket" idea very much. The arcticle does put, in my opinion, too much blame on skill cape hunters as who doesn't want a skill cape. -Deathmath
  4. Support =D> I'm a ranger. We have green D-hide they should have an equivalent!
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