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  1. Honestly I don't think you are doing anything wrong. Strength really really helps, at only 70 atk/def I'm barely breaking 50k.
  2. 260k xp/hr on the yews if the logs/hr number is right.
  3. Anything more concrete zaaps on the farming? Not to ask for too much. :ohnoes: Still I love farming :)
  4. Alright, sort of a long multipart question, so here it comes. How should I go from 61-64 mining (I'm thinking iron?) How should I go from 46-61 agil? How should I go from 56-69 smithing? How should I go from 43-65 herblore? How should I go from 47-66 thieving? How should I go from 57-66 crafting? How should I go from 70-75 magic? How should I go from 68-72 woodcutting? (eucalyptus atm) How should I go from 46-50 rc? How should I go from 61-65 farming? What should I kill to get charms for 68 summon? I have about 5 mil, I'll have more after I slay/do aviansies. OH, and here are all my stats http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0Aft7B-nbzqnXZGRkbTRuNXFfMnRjdHg2Mnpx&hl=en
  5. We need everything in the top list on the first post on this topic? wow... I'm on it I guess
  6. From experience and lots of time at anythingbutipod, I would say you could get a sansa fuze or a cowon d2
  7. I know a while ago we were transparencying pics. Any other busyworkish stuff I could do? Thanks, ~DM
  8. Or that fire giant lair thingamajiggy, but idk if there are pkers.
  9. Right now this is in construction... I've been playing runescape for longer than a lot of people. Was around right after party hats... Didn't play around christmas when they gave out santa hats :| I'm going for a quest cape, but I'll be getting all the quest reqs before I seriously start questing. Also to break it up i'll be getting 85 def/ranged and slaying whenever I feel like it. Progress Towards a Quest Cape 70/40 79/--- 61/64 70/64 46/61 56/69 81/65 41/65 70/62 78/64 44/66 64/70 60/55 56/66 60/55 70/75 60/53 65/72 46/50 68/59 58/65 52/50 49/55 58/41 100/85 122/270 (For WGS) 122/287 --- Level ups...
  10. A mod is equal to us, except they have the title MOD, and can delete threads lol.... And ban you lol. Just trying to help you
  11. Don't mock a mod... Grats, that's amazing, albeit too intense for me.
  12. Thanks guys. And L0rd, you do have a valid point.
  13. I think stellar dawn sounds cheesy... But not any more than mechscape.
  14. An easier way for player made guides to be on the main site >.>
  15. Just another 'what should I do?' thread by me. I had a lot of surgery, and ended school with all As. Over the summer I had another surgery, so have been on the computer a lot. (Too much, more than I'd like to be honest.) I have a college counselor :/ who wants me to volunteer 40-80 hours a year, and get a job. So I got a volunteer position and am working on setting up my own low level IT business. But no matter what happens I can't get out of the house and am subject to constant insults about me not trying, not learning from my mistakes, and getting 2 hour lectures because when told to close windows I forgot to close the one over my parents bathroom. I'd like to get on a better level with them, but all attempts have failed. Before the year has even started they are telling me I am going to do really bad next year and never get into college. The main issue here is somewhere in the mess of surgeries I lost my summer bookwork. Telling my parents I lost it would send them on a rampage about organization, but not telling them would be difficult to do. The other issue is trying to get more priviledges. Going to bed at 9:00 at night and not being able to leave the house, plus not being able to text or IM anybody is leaving me socially isolated, if only because I can't talk to any of my friends. Sooo.. How should I try to get on better terms Setting up a business, ideas? Make them have realistic views about college. What to do about the bookwork. What to do socially. What is 'outlining a book'? (I got summer work to do that, it was the bit I haven't done yet. Sorry to whine all over, but I just need some direction as to what I should do. Thanks a lot. (The summer reading is notes on 90 pages of textbook, and outlining a 140 page book, and 15 questions on philosophy.)
  16. Armored zombies are the most efficient. It'll take longer though. Otherwise zombie monkeys, but they cost money. (not much though) there are many guides to that.
  17. Mage prayer and pots don't stack (pretty sure) Best just ranging/maging with anti fire pots: they are pretty cheap. You'll make money with ranging, but not with maging.
  18. It's good to be back. \ In any case, iron is the best option. I like piscatoris the best for it. You can powermine there, but if you want to keep it you can bring a dramen staff and a spirit tbird or ant and bank in Zanaris with the nearby ring thingies. (Drawing a blank)
  19. They don't suck :) I'll add it to my sig when i get unlazy.
  20. Meh. Just looking around now, turns out that my slow internet screwed up while torrenting so... (the demo :P)
  21. I was thinking druid anyways. Druid it is. Now for the race :x time to look @ pics :P
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