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Dru89's little blog of stuff

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Alright, so I finally decided to make another (first on this site though, to clarify) blog, and I guess I'll start at the most obvious section:


[hide=A Bit About Me]So I'm 18 years old right now, I'll be 19 in about 3 months, and I'm on my way to college this fall... well tomorrow (as of August 14, 2008) to be exact. I play several different instruments to some level of skill. Not professional, but enough that I've used them all to aid some band at some point or another. =)


I play:


  • [*:329dr2yz] Acoustic Guitar
    [*:329dr2yz] Electric Guitar
    [*:329dr2yz] Bass Guitar
    [*:329dr2yz] Mandolin
    [*:329dr2yz] Synthesizer
    [*:329dr2yz] Piano (not in a while though)
    [*:329dr2yz] Melodica




And maybe a couple other things here and there, but I can't remember anything I've played for other people.


I don't really know what else to put here right now. Other than I've been happily dating a girl for a little over a year now, and everything's been going well there, so wish me luck in keeping it that way. It's not something I'm used to, max of 4 or 5 months of dating is my norm. =P[/hide]




[hide=RuneScape Philosophy]Anyways, like most everyone here, I play a bit of RS, though I've taken several [long] breaks (up to a year and a half). My view on how stats are based -- at least how I play -- is that you have your base skills, and those are:


  • [*:329dr2yz]Agility




After that, you have your secondary skills that you can train based on what your base skills are:


  • [*:329dr2yz]Cooking (from fishing normally)
    [*:329dr2yz]Crafting (from mining (gems/ore), combat (cow hides/snake skins/dragons/etc))
    [*:329dr2yz]Farming (from thieving stalls or combat. You've gotta get those seeds from somewhere)
    [*:329dr2yz]Firemaking (from woodcutting)
    [*:329dr2yz]Fletching (from woodcutting)
    [*:329dr2yz]Herblore (from farming/combat... it also falls into tertiary I guess, because of farming)
    [*:329dr2yz]Magic (from runecrafting)
    [*:329dr2yz]Prayer (from combat)
    [*:329dr2yz]Slayer (from combat)
    [*:329dr2yz]Smithing (from mining)




Ranged falls as a tertiary skill, it comes after fletching. Granted there are plenty of other ways to level, but that's how I choose to think about it. "But wait a minute Drew, what about construction and summoning?" Meh, I don't often train either of those. I don't really train hunter either yet, that often. But right now, I can't see any way to fit these skills into my philosophy, so I don't often like training them. My philosophy is that I want to be pretty much self sufficient. The only thing I really want to buy is armour, because I obviously can't smith rune armour yet, and I don't want to be walking around in full steel. :D I can't see how to do summoning or construction without buying just yet... because they both seem to be money intensive with spirit shards and ... well construction as a whole.




Anyways, that took a while, next is goals.[/hide]




[hide=Goals]My stats right now:




Goals are pretty much just suggestions for me. I don't really want to grind skills until I get bored, otherwise I wouldn't be having fun. Having fun is my number one goal. I've got a couple goals I'd like to reach though, and I'll list those here:
































Okay... more than a couple. A lot more. But again, I'm not striving to have all these done anytime soon necessarily. Once these are up, then I can get the others up or maybe get these up more. =P




Those are my RS goals anyways[/hide]




[hide=More Goals]What good would I be if I didn't have other goals? I've got a list of other goals I'd like to have as well.


  • [*:329dr2yz] Keep all A's for my first semester of college
    [*:329dr2yz] Buy my girlfriend a nice one year of dating present
    [*:329dr2yz] Understand more about why I think the way that I do
    [*:329dr2yz] Learn more about why other people can act the way that they do, psychologically
    [*:329dr2yz] Delve more into the relationship between mathematics and psychology
    [*:329dr2yz] Make friends my first year in college
    [*:329dr2yz] Work out a little bit more and just, in general, stay a bit healthier
    [*:329dr2yz] Finally finish a couple of these songs I've been working on and release a free EP over the interwebz





That's about all I have to say for now, I think. =)


Thanks for reading all of that, if you actually read it. If you can't tell, I have fun with the little hide script. :D

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