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  1. Seriously? Jack White or John Mayer It's now always about what you play, more how you play it. And I don't mean technique, I mean feeling. How much feeling does your music give? I give the award to them. :D
  2. Cato as a Pun by Of Montreal : Again, I feel outcasted because I'm one of like... 3 people that didn't put metal on this page. :D
  3. There's a difference between "not trying" and "being annihilated because it's four against one" This calls for the second, and I think it deserves common courtesy. =)
  4. Alright, so I finally decided to make another (first on this site though, to clarify) blog, and I guess I'll start at the most obvious section: [hide=A Bit About Me]So I'm 18 years old right now, I'll be 19 in about 3 months, and I'm on my way to college this fall... well tomorrow (as of August 14, 2008) to be exact. I play several different instruments to some level of skill. Not professional, but enough that I've used them all to aid some band at some point or another. =) I play: [*:329dr2yz] Acoustic Guitar [*:329dr2yz] Electric Guitar [*:329dr2yz] Bass Guitar [*:329dr2yz] Mandolin [*:329dr2yz] Synthesizer [*:329dr2yz] Piano (not in a while though) [*:329dr2yz] Melodica And maybe a couple other things here and there, but I can't remember anything I've played for other people. I don't really know what else to put here right now. Other than I've been happily dating a girl for a little over a year now, and everything's been going well there, so wish me luck in keeping it that way. It's not something I'm used to, max of 4 or 5 months of dating is my norm. =P[/hide] [hide=RuneScape Philosophy]Anyways, like most everyone here, I play a bit of RS, though I've taken several [long] breaks (up to a year and a half). My view on how stats are based -- at least how I play -- is that you have your base skills, and those are: [*:329dr2yz]Agility [*:329dr2yz]Combat [*:329dr2yz]Fishing [*:329dr2yz]Hunter [*:329dr2yz]Mining [*:329dr2yz]Runecrafting [*:329dr2yz]Thieving [*:329dr2yz]Woodcutting After that, you have your secondary skills that you can train based on what your base skills are: [*:329dr2yz]Cooking (from fishing normally) [*:329dr2yz]Crafting (from mining (gems/ore), combat (cow hides/snake skins/dragons/etc)) [*:329dr2yz]Farming (from thieving stalls or combat. You've gotta get those seeds from somewhere) [*:329dr2yz]Firemaking (from woodcutting) [*:329dr2yz]Fletching (from woodcutting) [*:329dr2yz]Herblore (from farming/combat... it also falls into tertiary I guess, because of farming) [*:329dr2yz]Magic (from runecrafting) [*:329dr2yz]Prayer (from combat) [*:329dr2yz]Slayer (from combat) [*:329dr2yz]Smithing (from mining) Ranged falls as a tertiary skill, it comes after fletching. Granted there are plenty of other ways to level, but that's how I choose to think about it. "But wait a minute Drew, what about construction and summoning?" Meh, I don't often train either of those. I don't really train hunter either yet, that often. But right now, I can't see any way to fit these skills into my philosophy, so I don't often like training them. My philosophy is that I want to be pretty much self sufficient. The only thing I really want to buy is armour, because I obviously can't smith rune armour yet, and I don't want to be walking around in full steel. :D I can't see how to do summoning or construction without buying just yet... because they both seem to be money intensive with spirit shards and ... well construction as a whole. Anyways, that took a while, next is goals.[/hide] [hide=Goals]My stats right now: Goals are pretty much just suggestions for me. I don't really want to grind skills until I get bored, otherwise I wouldn't be having fun. Having fun is my number one goal. I've got a couple goals I'd like to reach though, and I'll list those here: Okay... more than a couple. A lot more. But again, I'm not striving to have all these done anytime soon necessarily. Once these are up, then I can get the others up or maybe get these up more. =P Those are my RS goals anyways[/hide] [hide=More Goals]What good would I be if I didn't have other goals? I've got a list of other goals I'd like to have as well. [*:329dr2yz] Keep all A's for my first semester of college [*:329dr2yz] Buy my girlfriend a nice one year of dating present [*:329dr2yz] Understand more about why I think the way that I do [*:329dr2yz] Learn more about why other people can act the way that they do, psychologically [*:329dr2yz] Delve more into the relationship between mathematics and psychology [*:329dr2yz] Make friends my first year in college [*:329dr2yz] Work out a little bit more and just, in general, stay a bit healthier [*:329dr2yz] Finally finish a couple of these songs I've been working on and release a free EP over the interwebz[/hide] That's about all I have to say for now, I think. =) Thanks for reading all of that, if you actually read it. If you can't tell, I have fun with the little hide script. :D
  5. As a resident of Little Rock as well, and with the murder rate as high as it was last year, I'd like to keep it down. I'm not sure this is all just an uprising against liberality. There are just a bunch of crazy right-wingers (there are an equal number of crazy left-wingers, don't get me wrong) that see their oppurtunity to get something they think needs to be done, done, and they get what they did in the newspapers so that they can look at it and go "I did that." It's sick, it's twisted, but it's true. =/
  6. *looks at timmy's post* No, Revenga, he said RS needs more player interaction:
  7. I agree. Everyone would be going for the rare drops. Unless you're counting those as "rares" too. Like.. everyone would be after full dragon, and the like. That's what I think at least. Other than that... nothing would be really changed, I don't think.
  8. I lol'd. Poe's Law: Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of Fundamentalism that SOMEONE won't mistake for the real thing. http://rationalwiki.com/wiki/Poe%27s_Law
  9. I don't often find myself wanting to play team based games. I don't often find myself talking to anyone on RS either. =P I just use tip.it's IRC-chat most of the time to talk to other players, and then I play RS and maybe talk to a couple friends that I know from school via RS while I play. =)
  10. Lol. Ownt. Problem solved. :D
  11. Some people are just jerks. That's pretty much why. He deserved to get 3-hit. :D
  12. How can this be an accurate theory? Isn't one of the major points of calculus to disprove that? Granted, I could be very wrong, and this may not apply on the quantum level, but I'm curious. >_> Okay, not stealing topic, back to conversation. :D Sorry, was intrigued for a minute there. I still think there's probably some sort of boolean in there. Maybe a bit more complex than I described, but it seems plausible.
  13. dru89


    Nah, that article just came out today, so I haven't done anything with it yet. I'll check on it tomorrow, though.
  14. Wow. Very interesting. Very good post. I'm curious to see what this will lead to. =) :thumbup:
  15. It was in the ArenaScape forum. Not too embarassing, I suppose. I've just edited my grammar. :D
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