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  1. so, who else is going? i just bought my ticket, and i just worked out that i'm going to have to pay an extra 80 quid, just for the train down there,and im interested to see if anyone else is prepared to fork out that much. btw: for anyone that doesn't know, sonisphere is a new festival in the UK at knebworth with 'tallica and linkin park headlining.
  2. im not a huge fan of either, but ive would recomend surfing with the alien album for satriani. as for vai, i dunno about an album, but look up eugene's bag of tricks from the movie crossroads. btw: if you're into the whole guitar guru thing, i'd check out some buckethead and some malmsteen.
  3. i was at a rave about a year ago and i heard 'f**k the millenium' by scooter whilst tripping and it was awesome. i got in to melodic death metal by having to learn the air that i breathe by ATR. and then i heard propane nightmares by pendulum and it was like a very trippy christmas, easter, and a few birthdays all rolled into one
  4. i just have one disagreement, which is that the equal amount of time is spent on both, so both parties are equally lifeless
  5. wasssup

    Noob or Nerd?

    face it, unless the world suddenly changes, people are gonna be pissed at the people who wrong them. deal.
  6. you do have a good argument. slayer is basically, in most views, a wasted skill. however, you are missing the point of it, and the point of the game, and that is the simple fact that runescape is supposed to be fun. you may well be able to train more efficiently without slayer, but ask yourself this, is it better to say that you have used three hours of life to gain a few levels on a computer game, or three hours of your life to enjoy yourself. i think everybody knows the answer. btw:anybody who chooses option 1 will be castrated
  7. lets just say it involved me, an empty classroom and a girlfriend
  8. in theory its a good idea, but in reality there is always at least one [bleep] who takes advantage of the flaws in the system, as the USSR proved.
  9. another material (like steel, mithril rune, etc) and the next grandmaster quest.
  10. dawn of the dead remake last night. waaay better than original
  11. a simple question, who do you think is the best guitarist ever, regardless of genre. note: if anyone suggests slash, im afraid i will have to cry in frustration.
  12. wasssup


    the new stuff is alright, but i preffered the old stuff
  13. the dawn of the dead remake resident evil:extinction 28 weeks later diary of the dead land of the dead can anyone see the pattern?
  14. nottingham lace by buckethead. the solo is just too awesome
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