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first blog ~(elite zerker pure)~

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Hello im gods season or callum which ever you prefer i am 15 and have played runescape for around 5 years on and off, it's hard to beleive but in my time i have easily had over 100 accounts :? i know it's shocking, i have recently devided to end my newish skiller and make a beserker pure which i am going to try and make perfect.


OK down to buisness, i'm going to be updating this blog every night at around 10:30 - 12:00pm with stuff i have done daily so please keep up the posting :D.


[hide=quests i need to do]A Soul's Bane


In search of myreque




in aid of myreque


nature spirit


the fremennik trials


holy grail


dragon slayer


monkey madness


making history


mountain daughter


recruitment drive


restless ghost


priest in peril


ghosts ahoy


rag and bone man


rum deal


spirit of the elid


swan song


cooks assistant


fishing contest


goblin diplomacy


big chompy bird hunting




plague city


demon slayer


murder mystery


witches house


shadow of the storm


the golem




shield of arrav


merlins crystal


family crest


shilo village


jungle potion


underground pass




desert treasure




tourist trap


temple of ikov


troll stronghold


death plateau


horror from the deep


black knight's fortress


druidic ritual


slug menace




sea slug[/hide]


after each quest i have done i will remove it form that list and as you can see i got a heck of alot to do lmao \:D/ , i am now making another spoiler which if you click it will reveal all small goals i have acheived a.k.a 40 mage 70 wc etc.


[hide=click->]45 mage


40 range


70 woodcutting


55 mining


40 agility


40 crafting[/hide]


[hide=goals]70 attack


90 strength


45 defence through quests


70 range


52 prayer


70-82-94 mage


70 runecrafting


70 construction


?? hitpoints


70 agility


70 herblore


80 theiving


70 craftin


99 fletching


85 slayer


80 hunter


99 mining


70 smithing


99 fishing


99 cooking


70 firemaking


90 woodcutting


99 farming


88 summoning[/hide]


[hide=overall goals]4 99's atleast


fighter torso


barrow gloves


santa hat


bandos godsword


fire cape


abyssal whip


all music tracks when a main


all emotes


full active friendslist


200 quest points


quest cape when a main


all barrow sets when a main


50mil cash and 50mil items


clean sorted bank


1000 total


1100 total


1200 total


1300 total


1400 total


1500 total


1600 total


1700 total


make over 50 runescape related youtube videos[/hide]


My homeworld is 99 and i will always be in a tipit related persons chat




completed monkey madness lvl 31 =D 1160240331mmcompleted.JPG


okay then feel free to add me ingame if you want i wouldn't mind aslong as you're talkative lmao and as i said i will continue to update this blog but for now back to runescape


Skiller has ended

Zerker pure has began

Feel free to add me p chat is always on

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99 mining goal... your mad!




anyways gl

Played since February 2001


13th to 30 hunting

firemaking cape achieved 6th August 2008_-_-_-_Quest cape achieved 19th August 2009

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