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  1. Now is a good time as ever to get mole pet, but wow that mole is so annoying to kill
  2. I wish the quest had been longer though, but I guess the whole point of bottle quest is to be short af
  3. On the last wave, airuts can use ranged attacks, so you better kill them on spawn else when the bm pet appears you get rekt
  4. RAIDS @@@@ And lol 10m xp for lv 52 invention.
  5. Yay! Goebie quest, also finally falador is getting a graphical overhaul, still got a bunch of cities that need one though, like varrock and ardy. Let's hope the event is nice though, I liked the ghostbuster one last time
  6. Or do the corruption one, for aggression and extra combat xp at the cost of drops, not like one picks them up anyways (at abyss at least)
  7. Maybe they're working for a PvP rebalancing on RS3 so they saw no need to have it on dankscape
  8. So, their solution for the ded pvp on RS3 is to create a new game for pvp lel. Though I have to say the idea is good, forcing everyone to have a clean slate eliminates having someone with maxed gear camping noob spots. Although in time it'll be unplayable for newcomers due to the big level gap. Hope they realize this and do something about it. I do like the fact that the accounts are connected so no need to have a bunch of accounts to be able to do this. Now I wish they did something about RS3 PvP, most likely that duel anywhere thing they've mentioned seems to be a step in the right direction
  9. I heard only the bloom was screwed up, I'm playing on directx and not having the white square issue
  10. Wow, I can't believe I actually got the ring while killing the 25 shifters required for quest haha
  11. The phone is 3 months old, Android version is 4.4.2
  12. My smartphone model is Doogee Leo DG280, It uses android OS, and yesterday it started acting very weird regarding the touchscreen; whenever I push the lock screen button, and push it back again to unlock it, the touchscreen simply dies, it won't respond or do anything at all, yet the phone is fully functional cause I still receive texts, can adjust volume, etc. It's just the touchscreen that dies Every time I reboot it (have to remove battery for this, due to touchscreen being dead), it gets fixed, until I push that button again, then the problem starts yet again I already did a factory reset on it, and the problem persists, any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  13. They should take like 6 months - 1 year worth of updates to rework all the shit they've left to rot
  14. [hide] Didn't like the quest that much, thought we would be getting more info on Elder Gods but it was pretty much a recap and a very shitty death for Xenia, and no voice acting ftl [/hide]
  15. My setup was virtus helm/top/bottoms, static gloves, ragefire boots, seers (i), superior scrim of elements, max cape (fire cape switch for ice strykes), arc stream neck (forgot I had dragon rider lol), cstaff with blood barrage on it in inv ovl, weapon poison+, sup restores, always had ss + torment on, dreadnips and steel titan. With TDs, I maged it until it switched styles (didnt have holy water with me), then after I dropped it shield I summoned the nip, between the nip and the titan, its prayer would switch so often I didn't have to worry about its immunity to magic. I used nips at everything except muspah, glacor and ganos I think Also on the jadinko wave, I'd summon nip to hit on jad, have my titan attack another, then I'll butcher the remaining ones, by the time I killed them, titan + nip had their respective jadinko with low health, just thought it'd be a time saver Always managed wave 18+ with that setup, there was this once I beat wave 20 which was cele dragon, but time ran out as it was dropping dead and it didn't count
  16. They tend to be hard if you take small teams where there's not much room for mistake, but with a decent sized team they're easy due to mistakes not mattering much at all
  17. You need to make sure that you match the 16 didget code shown to you on the runescape site to the authenticator account. This is how jagex knows you, the owner, logged in on the site and set up the authenticator. You might have done what i did by creating an account for your gmail instead of your runescape account. Try creating an authenticator account with the 16 didget code. Then name it as your runescape account. After that wait for it to reset the pin and quickly enter in the new pin. Yeha, I created an account for my gmail first, then tried creating a second one with the code from jagex, but to no avail. It keeps refreshing the code but it doesn't work, whoever the one from my PC does EDIT: Figured it out, turns out my phone's clock was off the time by 3 minutes, apparently that has something to do with it
  18. Anyone knows how does it work on blackberry phones? I have downloaded Google Authenticator, but the codes don't seem to work
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