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  1. As far as I know elder divination is located on the crater is Freneskae
  2. That is odd... there are other websites that are down for me as well... I wonder what's causing it. Thanks for the quick reply
  3. When I try to start up the client, I get an error message, and when I tried to load up the website, chrome goes 'Resolving host' then says it could not find the website. Anyone else experiencing this?
  4. [hide]I wanted to send him with Kerapac, as I'd like to think he would keep his word, but knowing all the things he did experimenting with dragons, how horrible he can be due to his 'end justify the means' philosophy, I just couldn't do it, Hannibus would'be probably endured a huge load of pain and the cure might or might not be found, and it might or might not be found in time to save his species, sorry Hannibus, but I just doomed your entire race :c)[/hide]
  5. So tank gear might get a passive damage reduction. You would see ports gear giving 8.5%, chaotic shields 8% and 99 defense 9.9% for a total of 26.4% damage reduction. With the ROTS shields thats 26.5%. That's not enough to make t90 shields more worthwhile over spirit shields even if they excluded them I think. They might need to give a passive to t90 shields maybe? It says the damage reduction will work for all types of attack besides typeless though while spirit shields are bound to 1 style. So they should be worth it over spirit shield for bosses with multiple attacks. especially with them looking at buffing shield abilities. Bash going off of armor rating instead of a flat damage rate is interesting. As far as I know, the spirit shields currently reduce any incoming damage but typeless, the style they have only defines which one to use according to your combat style so your accuracy doesn't suffer
  6. I can understand they want interfaces and stuff but, how would it even work for combat? Having players in different 'combat modes' would be horrible in my opinion, if they balance it out to be around the same damage with any, then no point in EoC, if they let EoC have better damage, then why even do it when they can just do momentum. I just find the whole idea stupid combat wise
  7. Can't even get into beta before it crashes lel
  8. This was a pretty good answer, lol. Clever response to deal with that lore issue...cause they totally were thinking of that when the update actually happened. Unless of course we take the angle that in lore terms ascension gear is something only the adventurer and a few slayer masters know about and even at that we only know it to be some sort of magic crystal thing, so there is limited reason for us to assume it'd be remotely similar to an substance from the eastern lands we've never seen and know nothing about. I mean that's like saying well you didn't know wtf the material in the scroll was so you tried bread and it seemed to work so thats what you ran with. Plus of course to get to make the darts we don't even need the slayer req for ascension dung, which in lore terms would negate any reason for us to have been there and thus have even a vague knowledge of such a material existing. Then it's less clever than a blindly fumbled excuse for an illogical design choice that really messed with the lore of it all. Even making pearl-tipped/koi scale-tipped darts would have made more sense than putting ascension shards out of thin air. I'd just like to blame Timbo for this :P Remember that tree in Yanille that made a reference to Timbo? I think it said 'Never let Timbo near a thing of beauty' or something like that lol EDIT: hehe, found this. A regular tree behind the building with anvils in Yanille was removed in a hidden update. After a thread on the Runescape forums, it was added back as a dead tree a week later with the examine text: "Never let Mod Timbo near a thing of beauty". Its stump's examine text reads: "Tiiiimmmmmmbbbbooooooooooo!"
  9. So, when I play RS and chrome and succeed at one barrows kill, the game screen freezes completely, but the cursor still changes icon when I hoover over items and such, so the game itself isn't frozen, just the screen. When I play on client, this doesn't happen every single time, but it still happens often. Any clues on what might be causing this?
  10. good observation Cool, can't wait for this construction update. How do you think the "buying and selling to NPC's" will work? I'm feeling that real in-game GP (the player's own) will be used to fund this, and then you barter with the NPC's to break even or make a profit? I'm thinking that the greater the loss for you (gp wise, if they go the route I mentioned above) the more xp. If you break even, medium amount of xp gained. If you make lots of money you earn less xp Anyone thinking something like that? With the current need to make a lot of money sinks, I'd say that you can reduce the loss of GP, but I don't think you'll be able to profit from construction, it was a skill designed to be a money sink I think
  11. Well, as long as it doesn't become the most efficient way to do a boss, and it only automatizes basic abilities I think I'm fine with it, would be useful for slayer at least
  12. Nope, it is currently worthless. We tested it at Vorago today -- the healing is capped at 5K. I wish I had known before I bought it that it sucked so badly :( Oh well, here's to hoping in vain that Jagex buffs that ability sometime. They need to raise the healing cap to 10k and reduce the cool-down to 60 seconds. Can you die while you're using it? Yep. Lol
  13. Nope, it is currently worthless. We tested it at Vorago today -- the healing is capped at 5K. I wish I had known before I bought it that it sucked so badly :( Oh well, here's to hoping in vain that Jagex buffs that ability sometime. They need to raise the healing cap to 10k and reduce the cool-down to 60 seconds. Can you die while you're using it?
  14. That's odd, I rarely seem to get any frag drop from the ambushers I attack
  15. How often do the alchemists appear? I need to get a total of 23 if I want to have any hopes of buying all the rewards from both factions :/
  16. The SGS items for zamorak/saradomin were not the BOL ones EDIT: The armor sets were made available after the battle ended though, as a drop from Zilyana/K'ril, I think Jagex confirmed the same will happen with BNB armor sets, and the abilities, but not emotes, titles or cosmetic weapon overrides
  17. How do I get the festive cracker with the task gain earn world event 2 renown? I got some renown but got no cracker, also the bar says currently inactive :/
  18. Oh wow, I was considering only getting emotes/titles/abilities and leaving armor for posterior gwd hunting, but Sy made me realize that this won't be possible due to the dragon token requiring that much renown, thanks jagex
  19. Can I get the cosmetic override pieces (not fragments) from building stuff?
  20. Can we even buy all rewards from both factions? I ran some numbers and they tell me it's a bit over 6 weeks to buy everything -200k for warpriest set -228k for emotes -135k for titles This is 563k per faction Plus 158k for the three abilities A total of 1284k renown needed, with 30k/daily, it would be 42,8 days, or 6,11 weeks So...Am I missing something here?
  21. So, getting the extra exp quicker is bad? You'd use up the pendant quicker however you're still getting the same bonus exp. Its the lack of base xp that your losing. In my example before the update you would get 66k base xp and 33k bonus xp, in the new way you would get 50k base xp and 50k bonus xp. Which means you need more pendants for the same xp, a very subtle change that most people wont notice but it will entice some to buy more spins to reach the same goals. To further expand, pre update it took 57 pendants from level 93 - 99, it now requires 86 pendants. You might need more pendants for the same XP, but remember that with the x2 multiplier you get faster XP also, so it should even out with the increased amount of pendants
  22. Well he is definitely wearing K'ril's armor then
  23. Heavy Spoilers Ahead The quest felt a little too short for being the finale of a 5 quest series. Felt a bit rushed, the memories part was something nice, but the 'action' parts, so to say, were too short. I was expecting a full assault on the Red Axe Base, with some infiltration and fierce combat, but instead I got an mad man who was too sad about being beaten before so he created his own city to try to fulfill his dream, that was disappointing The rewards did feel grand-master worthy, and I liked the extra mining XP and the extra lore from the book. Nice too that we got to choose if Veldaban should stay or go in the end. But the quest didn't live up to the expectation I had, after the delays it had. I think I liked more the three signature heroes' quests than this one. I'm not saying it's total crap, but it could've been better. Also the final fight was a bit disappointing, I was expecting bosses with nice abilities (Like Vanstrom), but Hreidmar was easy to beat, and Grimsson was as well, if you managed to use your ultimate ability on him before he wrecked you (Died on the fight a few times due to that, because my stuns wouldn't work). Or maybe I just didn't feel so pumped as with the fight with Dawn in Death of Chilvary because the song wasn't as 'pumping'. Once again, I'm not saying the quest was bad, I quite enjoyed it, the music was very nice, I liked the graphical rework, the rewards and the Imcando Pickaxe should keep Lava Flow Mine alive (I don't know if it was dead content or not though, as people went there to get the outfit). I liked the storyline too, deciding the fates of the spies, but the quest was just a bit lacking in length and combat, I would definitely do it again.
  24. I don't know how to feel about the ranged armor not being dropped by a boss EDIT: On the other hand, I just realized slayer might become profitable again
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