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  1. Oh my, they fixed magic, thought it'd take them longer
  2. I don't think something as big as a weapon/armor enchantment should be allowed to be tradeable, even if its only termporary. Also it would require a lot of tweaks with the combat in order for these enchantments to not be way too OP, or way too bad. It could go all around the place too, like add magic attack to melee/ranged weapons, change the weapons 'style' (Like, using a crossbow would count for arrow) It could go to a bunch of places, and don't get me started on how it could change armor And considering how much of an issue we had when EoC first came out, I think this would be disastrous
  3. Requiring memories to level up the other skill? That's an interesting concept but I think a lot of people would be displeased by the fact that the other skill would end up being even slower than Div itself, which is not the case with the production skills we have
  4. To the best of my knowledge it has not yet been confirmed if pendants obtained before the date that bonus experience is allowed will be usable on Divination. If they're not I'm going to be a very sad man
  5. Except that you might end up losing cash due to the cost of making the porters, and the expected rise in diamonds. But it would still be better XP, and you can always just drop the ores
  6. I can sympathize with the people who are mad over the changed effect, but it's not that bad honestly. You now get 10% more Mining xp plus Smithing XP, so any cash you would've earned with the ores now goes directly into Smithing XP I might not be ideal for those who actually wanted the cash, because I'm quite sure using the porter sign will end up being in a near loss or so, but still we live in the EoC where dropping ores is way easier with the action bar. Sure less AFK, but at a higher benefit
  7. The portents are actually quite nice, specially the attuned ones. And the sign of porter is simply great to make mining/fishing more afk
  8. Could easily be an image of him, but not him actually, he's very powerful, wouldn't surprise me if he can be at more than 1 place at the same time
  9. Made up fact alert! We only know how 2 (3 if Sliske is) attained godhood originally. Guthix got it via stealing Skargaroth's by accident. Zamorak got it by accident when trying to kill Zaros. Sliske got it by accident when killing Zaros. Bandos, Armadyl, Seren, Tuska, Skargaroth, Tumeken, Marimbo, Brassica Prime, Karamjan God, Fremmenik God, etc. we have NO idea how or why they attained godhood. Saradomin we have been told his power comes from the crown, implying that's how he became a god BUT we have no idea how or why he came across the crown. Equally while it is inferred many came to Gielinor seeking artefacts by following Saradomin it is not clear that their purpose was this and it is not true of all of them. Seren came because she liked Guthix/at his request. Skargaroth never came here and we have been told his motives were as a hunter only with Tuska being his ultimate prey. Tuska is a mindless beast with no motives. Bandos is shown to be rather mercenary and quite possibly only came to Gielinor for the battles/due to being hired. All the rest we do not have any idea of exact details of their coming to Gielinor, how they came to be gods or even what exactly they did here prior to the godwars (with the small exceptions of Armadyl obtaining the staff and Zaros being stabbed) and we don't even know what they did in the godwars for like half of them. I agree with your sentiment in many ways about trusting gods with their power, but your fact is incorrect. You mean when Sliske killed Gutihx
  10. I might be late to the party but, maybe each of those hints means the god related to said quest, crystal could be Seren, feathers Armadyl, and the other two, no idea, Cannon Bandos maybe? EDIT: Masks could be Sliske, as his emmisary symbol is a pair of masks, I think
  11. The % doesn't matter in the end, they can go as close as 50,5% vs 49,5%, but if the gap keeps increasing, which it is, we can't really go 'ohhh sooo closeeeee' when the difference was over 20m tears Also, Jagex 'having the balls' to not let Saradomin wins contradicts entirely the whole purpose of this update; to be about player's choices, if players wanted to support papa smurf over Zamorak, so be it.
  12. Zamorak is actually not increasing every day, maybe the % is, but the gap between the two of them is getting bigger by the day. Look at it this way. You have 50m vs 40m - 10m gap (55,56% vs 44,44%) Now you have 115m vs 100m - 15m gap (53,49% vs 46,51%) Percentage wise, zamorak would be rising, but the gap is just getting bigger, and for Zamorak to actually win they need to overcome the gap, which they're doing the actual opposite by the day
  13. There's always an option to vote that will spend no money... 'Do nothing'. So when people realize they blew away all the cash we'll be forced to do this.
  14. Hmm.. Interesting experiment to do; having the enemies scale with the player's level, this could actually be quite nice if it turns out to be challenging
  15. Wow, people actually voted for guardsmen? Gg coffers... We're gonna be forced to do nothing soon enough... I voted for thieves' guild, was better than making a people's militia
  16. Alright, I haven't received the in game message about the signet dropping either, so it wasn't the grate eating my drop :/ Oh well at least it's not a glitch
  17. Has anyone gotten a drop of these in the past few days? I'm current over 100 kills dry and I read on forums about people complaining with 400+ dry streaks, so I was wondering if its really bad luck, or if the signet drop is glitched?
  18. It shouldn't give t85 offensive armor, should instead give other t85 pieces we're missing, like shields
  19. Sounds like SpanScape v2.0 I hope the rewards are worth it ;/
  20. BoL isn't a grindfest, have you seen how AFK it is? Divination should be far more grindy than that. Doesn't matter how AFK it is, it's like saying mining/fishing aren't grindy
  21. Lol at the second skill being delayed, o well, I'd rather have it delayed and be ready than released before its time. Bit sad it's not a double bill like with Arianne and Ozan's quests, but oh well, quests sounds good though. Divination has me worried it'll be a grindfest like skilling at BoL. But we'll see about that soon enough...
  22. Confirmed, any tears left over from previous days will count towards your next day's limit. Hording days are over! Side switched Double confirming that tears and metal fragments are not lost upon faction switch so with this info is it possible to actually get both sets of armor in the time limit if not i'll just settle with emotes, titles and weapons. or better yet, divine inspiration, does its boost go over the daily cap or is it just getting your cap faster. edit: and awesome siege units. I hope jagex has plans for these after the battle is over and it wont just be wasted on a limited event. Yes, it is possible. I bought all sara tier 1 rewards and went back to zam, bought all tier 1 and now I'm getting enough renown to buy all tier 2 as soon as they introduce them. When I buy all tier 2, I swap back to sara and get 2,5k daily tears from week 4 to 7 (3 weeks), that'll give me enough tears to buy all tier 2 stuff, when tier 3 comes, I collect more for a few days and buy all tier 3, swap back to zam and then buy all tier 3 there, to do this, I'd have to get 2k daily tears from week 7 to 10 (3 weeks), this leaves one week leftover, which is the entire week 10, but I'm not sure if the event ends on beginning of week 10, or the ending of this one
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