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Air Running?


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hi, i have a queston about air running..


how are people still able to air run? isnt there a 3k gold limit every 15 minutes now? or that doesn't apply on an air running world?


is it still 2.5k each run for 25 essence?

You gonna get got

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At, say, 8x, your 28 ess will net 224 air runes. At market price, your 224 airs will get you 3136 coins. At 7x, you will get 196 airs worth 2744 coins. So in the long run, you are better off with assists. Not to mention the fact that it was very rare to find someone paying 2.5k per run; you were lucky to get 2k per run. And, the GE makes it very easy to sell large amounts of airs in very little time.




The only downside is that you have no way of knowing what the level is of the person assisting you, although I assume they will shout it out while standing at the air altar.

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