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Official Band, TV and Movie Threads

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I noticed that on the video games thread section there is a thread that states which states that there are official threads for video games, mainly to stop similar threads appearing, and so everyone knows what to post on.




How about if we could have official tip it band, TV and Movie threads on the tv, music and movies section. This could neaten the thread section up a bit, and make it easier to find where to post your discussions.




Just a small suggestion, i hope this in the right section :? if not, please move.




Many thanks, Sibmaster

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I don't get what you mean about "Official Thread". For it to be Official, a member of the band/program/movie would have to join Tip.It and post it up themselves. I highly doubt that any of them would have the time to do so or the effort, as it is a RuneScape fan site.

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